Doctors remove more than 400 sharp objects swallowed by patient
14th August 2019

Warning: graphic images

Doctors have removed at least 430 metal objects, including nail clippers, from inside a patient’s stomach.

The 28-year-old patient went to a hospital in India complaining of stomach pains.

Medics first removed a foreign object from his respiratory tract but performed an X-ray when he complained of further pain.

An X-ray showed a cluster of foreign substances inside his stomach and they decided to open him up.

Doctor MM Prabhakar from the city of Ahmedabad said doctors eventually removed nuts and bolts, coins, hair clips and even nail clippers.

The hardware weighed almost one stone in total.

Dr Prabhakar said the patient was prone to eating metal objects and had a similar operation two years ago.

The medic added: ‘He is not a normal person and has been suffering from mental illness. So, it is possible that he consumes metal objects frequently.’

The patient has responded well to the treatment post-surgery and remains in hospital.

There have been several similar incidents across India within the last month.

On July 24 in West Bengal, a 26-year-old woman had over 3lbs of gold jewellery removed from her stomach.

On July 16, doctors in Madhya Pradesh removed 30 solid objects, including razor blades and screwdrivers from a man’s stomach.

His mother told doctors that her 30-year-old son would grab anything and eat it.

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