Defiant Nigel Farage blames 'morally superior' Remainer politicians for milkshake attack and vows to face down critics

NIGEL Farage today blamed Remainer MPs for turning politics violent after he was attacked with a milkshake.

The Brexit Party boss claimed top politicians who refuse to accept the EU referendum result are responsible for creating a "nasty" atmosphere.

And he vowed to continue pushing his message ahead of Thursday's Euro elections.

Mr Farage was targeted by a pro-EU fanatic who threw a drink over him while he was campaigning in Newcastle yesterday.

Today he pointed the finger at "radicalised" anti-Brexit campaigners.

The Brexiteer told LBC's Nick Ferrari: "We seem to have a group, albeit mercifully small, but a group of totally radicalised Remainers who believe that their point of view is morally superior to the 17.4million people who voted Brexit, and any form of behaviour so they can get their way is completely justified.

"I have to say I lay the blame for this very squarely at the door of leading politicians who refuse to accept the referendum result."

Speaking to TalkRADIO, he added: "Democracy only functions in a civilised manner if you have the loser's consent at elections.

"Senior figures in British public life have refused to accept the referendum result and that's why politics is the nasty place that it is."

Mr Farage will tonight lead a Brexit Party rally in London to build support ahead of polling day on Thursday.

He is on course to come top in the European Parliament elections as voters desert the Tories and Labour.

Paul Crowther, 32, was today charged with common assault and criminal damage over the attack on Mr Farage.

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