Crazy video shows Vladimir Putin’s war dogs parachute into battle from 13,000ft strapped to Russian soldiers
6th July 2021

BONKERS footage has emerged showing Russian army pooches parachuting into battle zones from heights of 13,000ft.

Vladimir Putin’s crack team of canine warriors can be seen being hurled out of planes strapped to soldiers as part of wacky war games.

Tests have so far proved army dogs can be dropped by parachute from as high as 13,000 feet, according to the Russian defence ministry’s TV channel Zvezda. 

The report says: "After landing, all four-legged test participants felt well and were ready to follow commands."

The canine "security forces" are often used in military and rescue operations, according to the army. 

Test parachutist Andrey Toporkov said the dogs have already made eight jumps.

He said: "The most important thing is to get the dogs into the aircraft. 

"They tolerate the flight and even watch the clouds through the window.

"When the hatch opens, there is wind, noise, and thanks to the dog handler, they calm down."

The most important thing is to get the dogs into the aircraft

Mr Toporkov continued: "So there were no problems when a dog handler participated in the jump, you had to get acquainted with the dog in advance, pet it, feed it with the owner's permission, so that the dog would trust you later. 

"And you can't be afraid of yourself — dogs feel everything."

A special tandem harness made by the Ivanovo parachute factory allows a military specialist to jump with both a handler and a dog.

President Putin last year visited the plant and inspected the new harnesses which are intended for the rapid deployment of military dogs in places where it is impossible to land planes or helicopters. 

Design chief Alexey Kozin said research is underway to allow for dogs to be groups from 26,000 ft but this would require an oxygen supply. 

The Zvezda report said: "During the first tests, an amazing fact was revealed — even from a height of several kilometres, the dog observes the earth and tries to catch it with its paws.

"Previously, it was believed that dogs cannot see so far."

The dog harnesses protect the animals’ backs, said Kozin.

They can be adapted to dogs weighing up to 45 kilograms. 

"The system can be used for landing almost any dog serving in the law enforcement agencies," Mr Kozin said.

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