Cop who slammed Diversity's BLM dance, called George Floyd a 'drug crazed maniac' and told people to 'move on' is probed
23rd September 2020

A LOUDMOUTH cop is being investigated after describing police brutality victim George Floyd as a "drug crazed maniac". 

PC Mark Gunn, 43, recorded a podcast about dance group Diversity's controversial Black Lives Matter tribute on Britain's Got Talent. 

The South Wales police officer said: "It finished off with somebody dressed as a police officer kneeling on somebody's neck. 

“I thought now the other footage had been released and we could see that this drug crazed maniac wasn't as innocent as everyone thought. 

"Don't get me wrong, I’m not saying he deserved to die but let’s move on.”

Gunn, a PC with ten years'experience at South Wales Police, is now being investigated by the Independent Office for Police Conduct for investigation. 


He posts his podcast rants on Spotify under the name PC BBQ because of his love of cooking outdoors. 

He also had a pop at the London-based dance troupe who caused a storm with their George Floyd routine in the first BGT semi-final. 

The dad-of-two said: "Diversity; they're not angels, look at Ashley Banjo during lockdown flagrantly disregarding lockdown rules." 

An angry listener reported Gunn for his un-Pc comments broadcast from his three-bedroomed home in Pencoed, Bridgend. 

South Wales Police confirmed Gunn has been referred to the force’s Professional Standards Department and the Independent Office for Police Conduct for investigation. 


A spokesman said: “We are deeply disappointed by the views expressed in this podcast, they do not reflect the views of the force in any way. 

“South Wales Police, and our colleagues around the country, stand alongside all those across the globe who are appalled and horrified by the way George Floyd lost his life. 

“We are working hard to become representative of the communities that we police and we are completely committed to understanding and responding to all forms of bias and discrimination.

“We are absolutely determined that everyone should be confident in South Wales Police.” 

Gunn has now taken the offensive comments off Spotify but eight podcasts are still available to listeners. 

PC Gunn told The Sun: "I am sorry to anyone who was offended – I'm accountable for what I say and I apologise. 

"I'm aware that I've been reported for what I said and I'll take whatever punishment is given to me." 

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