Conservative Columnist Predicts Trump Will Resign To Let Pence Pardon Him
10th December 2018

During an interview on MSNBC broadcast over the weekend, conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin predicted that President Donald Trump will resign in order to let the current Vice President Mike Pence pardon him, Raw Story reports.

Rubin’s comments follow speculation that Donald Trump could be impeached and subsequently indicted due to the fact that he has been implicated in two federal felonies. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, along with New York federal prosecutors, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team submitted two sentencing memos against Michael Cohen, accusing the president’s former lawyer of committing four crimes. An additional filing against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort has been filled.

Many legal experts have since argued that the most recent developments in Mueller’s probes could spell the end of Trump’s presidency, claiming that the president will be first impeached, and then indicted. Complicating the issue for Donald Trump’s opponents are the Justice Department guidelines Robert Mueller plans on following.

As the Washington Post reported, the Department of Justice said that a sitting president can be impeached, but not indicted. Meaning that, as a civilian, Donald Trump would likely be indicted, as nothing would stop the authorities from doing so. But Trump can easily bypass this situation as well, according to conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin.

According to Rubin, since Trump risks being indicted after leaving office, what he will do is simply resign and let the current Vice President Mike Pence — in case of Trump’s resignation Pence would succeed the position — pardon him.

“He risks being prosecuted after he leaves office. For that very reason, I would predict here on MSNBC that when Trump leaves office, he will resign the presidency 10 minutes before Mike Pence leaves office, allowing Pence to pardon him.”

The conservative columnist’s predictions shocked MSNBC‘s host. “Wow. We got that on tape,” she said.

Rubin may be the first person to propose a scenario in which Donald Trump ends up finding a way out of the trap Robert Mueller seemingly has him ensnared in, but many have predicted that the president will get impeached. Virtually since stepping foot in the office, Donald Trump has been the target of impeachment calls by the Democratic Party.

The most recent developments in Robert Mueller’s probes appear to have galvanized the Democrats, since the calls for Donald Trump’s impeachment are continuing to intensify. In a recent interview, New York Democrat Jerry Nadler said that Donald Trump’s hush money payments to Stormy Daniels could be “impeachable offenses,” according to the New York Post.

In seemingly the same breath, Nadler pivoted back adding that the hush money payments “would be impeachable offenses whether they are important enough to justify an impeachment is a different question.”

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