Chris Eubank starts work as police officer in America wearing bow tie
13th December 2018

‘I’ve never seen a cop with a tie before’: Car crash victim if left bemused by Chris Eubank’s uniform as the boxing legend starts work as a POLICE OFFICER in US

  • Ex-world champion, 52, is being trained as a city marshal in Opelousas, Louisiana
  • Shared video at scene of crash with caption ‘Sergeant Eubank proudly on duty’
  • New job gives him power to arrest people – despite having criminal record in UK

Boxing legend Chris Eubank has shared a video of himself on Twitter working as a police officer in the US.

The former world champion, 52, sported his signature bow tie and showed off his badge while on duty as a city marshal in Opelousas, Louisiana. 

He was at the scene of a car crash where one of the women involved told him she’d ‘never seen a cop in a bow tie before’.

Boxing legend Chris Eubank films himself at the scene of a car crash in Louisiana in his new role as a US police officer

One of the women involved in the car crash tells him she’s ‘never seen a cop in bow tie before’

Mr Eubank, who has a criminal record in the UK, wrote: ‘Sergeant Eubank proudly on duty in Louisiana. All warriors protect and serve, whether one wears a badge or not.’

In the video he says: ‘This is simply a car crash – doesn’t look too bad, no injuries, but I don’t have a rain coat like the rest of the officers, but that’s okay.’

His new job gives him the power to arrest people, despite the fact he’s been arrested twice in Britain.      

  • Boxing legend Chris Eubank, 52, ‘gets job as a US marshal’ -…

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The ex-world super-middleweight, who was declared bankrupt in 2005 over an unpaid £1.3 million tax bill, has been giving lectures on how to ‘peacefully defuse difficult situations’ across the Deep South.

He’s been offering advice on how to avoid conflict with the law – despite the fact he was arrested twice himself.  

In 2005, he was charged with ‘taking a beer lorry without consent’ after threatening to assault the driver.

The 52-year-old former world champion captioned the video: ‘Sergeant Eubank proudly on duty in Louisiana’

And two years earlier, he was arrested after driving a 4×4 to Downing Street in a protest of the Iraq war.

Eubank is said to have got the role through ‘a friend of a friend’. City marshals are often instilled by the sitting mayor.  

Roles of a city marshal include enforcing court orders, such as serving tenants with a notice of eviction and escorting them out of their homes, and serving individuals with warrants and subpoenas.

In instances when a defendant has an outstanding warrant, a city marshal maintains the authority to make an arrest.

In court, a city marshal coordinates the schedules for bailiffs and other court security officers. When required, she serves as bailiff during legal proceedings.

Mr Eubank (pictured before his WBO middleweight title defence) can make arrests in his new role – despite the fact he has a criminal record in the UK

When defendants are issued tickets or fines as a result of their activities, such as restitution for damaged property, a city marshal oversees the coordination of long-term payment plans and will sometimes be sent to seize property and belongings.  

In August, Eubank was seen apparently putting a parking ticket on his own £160,000 Bentley during a London shopping trip, seemingly as a ploy to deter parking wardens from giving him a new ticket.  

He parked the customised car on swanky Savile Row, and after spending ten minutes in the Cad & Dandy store, the dapper star headed back to the car, with the personalised number plate of 1 KO, and removed the ticket.

Mr Eubank used to wear a police sheriff badge while attending his his son’s fights as he vowed to protect and serve boxers in the ring.

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