Chilling moment killers fist bump after stabbing teen, 18, to death in ‘unprovoked attack’ – The Sun
18th January 2020

CHILLING footage shows two killers bumping fists moments after stabbing an 18-year-old to death in an unprovoked attack.

Williams Haines, 18, and an unnamed 17-year-old set upon Yusuf Mohamed outside a food shop in Shepherd's Bush, west London, on the evening of June 26 last year.

Following a trial at the Old Bailey, Haines was yessterday found guilty of murder and possessing a blade.

His co-accused was cleared of murder but had earlier admitted the lesser offences of manslaughter and having a knife.

The trial heard that Mohamed was walking on Uxbridge Road, the major road running through Shepherd's Bush, with friends when he was targeted by the defendants, both armed with large knives.

Prosecutor Bill Emlyn Jones said: "Suddenly, and for no obvious reason, the two defendants crossed the road towards Yusuf and his friends.

"Yusuf Mohamed had no time to run away, he had no time to do anything to protect himself.

"Unlike his attackers, he was not carrying a weapon. He stood no chance."

Haines, who reached him first, acted with "brutal efficiency", lunging at the victim and stabbing him in the heart.


Jones told jurors: "Seeing Yusuf collapse to the floor, and as Yusuf desperately tried to retreat, crawling backwards on his elbows, [the 17-year-old] took out his own knife and followed him, stabbing him in the leg as he lay defenceless.

"As the two young men ran away, tucking their knives back out of sight, they gave each other a fist bump as if to say, 'Well done us'."

Despite the efforts of paramedics, Mohamed died later the same night.

As well as the clip of the fist bump, jurors were shown distressing CCTV footage of the attack itself, which occurred outside an Intercontinental Foods shop.

Haines, of Acton, west London, had accepted that he was the person in the footage but claimed he could not remember the incident because he had been drinking at the time.

Following the verdicts, the defendants were remanded into custody to be sentenced on February 24.

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