Celtic fans chant for Brendan Rodgers to die from ‘IRA bullet’
28th February 2019

Shocking video shows Celtic fans chanting for ex-manager Brendan Rodgers to die from an ‘IRA bullet’ after he left the club to join Premier League side Leicester

  • Video emerges of some Celtic fans singing abusive song about former manager
  • The supporters said Brendan Rodgers should be ‘shot by the IRA’
  • Rodgers left the club earlier this week to join Premiership side Leicester City
  • He won seven trophies with Celtic in nearly three seasons at the club 

Shocking footage shows some Glasgow Celtic supporters chanting that Brendan Rodgers should die from an ‘IRA bullet’ after he left the club to join Premier League side Leicester City.

A video was posted online last night showing supporters taunting their former manager in a pub believed to be in Edinburgh shortly after Celtic’s first game since his departure.

Despite interim manager Neil Lennon winning the game against Hearts 2-1, the fans chose to turn their focus on Rodgers, who won seven trophies in nearly three years.  

But some fans are unhappy that he left in the middle of the season with the club still in contention to win two more trophies, and have blasted him for letting them down and opting to join a less successful club in Leicester for more money.

Some Celtic fans have caused controversy by singing IRA-related songs in the past due to the club’s roots with Irish Catholics who helped form the club in the late 1880s.

Celtic fans have been criticised after a group were filmed singing a song about former manager Brendan Rodgers ‘dying from an IRA bullet’ in a pub in Edinburgh, pictured

Rodgers, pictured at Leicester City’s match against Brighton on Tuesday, has caused fury among some Celtic fans for leaving them in the middle of the season while still competing for two trophies

Many on Twitter, including Celtic fans, have described their actions as embarrassing

Others have called them bitter after the manager won seven trophies in nearly three years before leaving for Leicester City 

To the tune of the hymn Give Me Joy in My Heart they sing: ‘I hope you die in your sleep Brendan Rodgers, I hope you die in your sleep I pray.

‘I hope you die in your sleep Brendan Rodgers, from a bullet from the IRA.’

Not everyone in the pub participated in the song. 

The video was uploaded to Twitter last night with a sarcastic caption of ‘the best supporters in the world.’

It was then reposted several sites, including the Scottish Football Away Days page on Facebook, who claimed it showed ‘Celtic fans in Edinburgh tonight with a song aimed at Brendan Rodgers’.

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The video has been condemned by most Celtic fans. 

Tamara Beattie wrote: ‘I think I speak for most decent Celtic fans when I say this is an embarrassment to the fans and the club. No need for it. He done well for Celtic, and I was happy with him as a manager.

‘Am I hurt? Yes, who wouldn’t be, it was bad timing and a bit unexpected but life goes on. Celtic move on. This is getting boring and this video is an absolute disgrace, that’s no true Celtic fans they’re just a bunch of bitter eejits.’

Hugh Quinn said: ‘As a Celtic fan there is no need whatsoever for that to be sang fair enough what he done was a disgrace, but leaving with so much left to do in this season, but people are forgetting all he achieved for this team and they should remember that before singing this about him.’ 

Rosie Logie wrote: ‘Disgusting and disgraceful. No decent Celtic fan would wish a man dead, get a grip, he left our club, the timing was bad, but to sing this. NEVER.’

Others have criticised the Celtic fanbase in general over the song.

Others branded the fans, pictured, disgusting and disgraceful, with the footage viewed more than 150,000 times on Twitter

Reece Campbell said: ‘Rodgers won what was it seven trophies and that’s what Celtic fans sing. Embarrassing.’ 

Shannon Ann Douglas wrote: ‘Disgusting. It’s only a job at the end of the day. He done [sic] all he could there and needed a new challenge. Get over it.’

Alan Taylor said: ‘The self proclaimed greatest fans in the world strike again.’  

It comes after former Glasgow Rangers player Nacho Novo confronted a Celtic fan who sang the same song to him at Belfast Airport last year. 

Novo, who played 255 times for Rangers between 2004 and 2010, was walking through the airport when the man, wearing a Celtic jacket, starting singing: ‘Hope you die in your sleep, Nacho Novo.’

Initially, the Ibrox favourite laughed off the chant, which the fan filmed, but then Novo decided to confront the man outside the airport terminal.

The Spaniard squared up to the man and said: ‘Why do you respect me like that? What have I f****** done to you? Have I done anything to you? What the f*** man?’ before walking away.

Novo later tweeted about the confrontation, saying: ‘Arrived at Belfast international airport tonight to support the local community for all sides of the divide, as soon as I walked out of the airport I was surrounded by Celtic supporters that hurled abuse and tried to attack myself. I would like (to) thank genuine Celtic supporter.’

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