Care home staff who went unpaid are angry over boss’s Instagram boasts
17th December 2018

Care home boss posted Instagram photos boasting of designer clothes and luxury trips days after staff claim she told them they wouldn’t get paid over Christmas due to ‘financial difficulties’

  • Staff at nursing home in Pudsey, West Yorkshire have gone unpaid this month
  • They were left furious after boss showed off expensive purchases on Instagram
  • Comes after damning report into nursing home meant all of its residents left 

Care home boss Claire Fryer said she couldn’t pay staff before Christmas, before posting photos of expensive purchases online

The boss of a care home which couldn’t pay its staff has been slammed for posting photos online boasting of her expensive shopping trips.

Claire Fryer is the managing director of the company which runs Radcliffe Gardens Nursing Home in Pudsey, West Yorkshire.

All of the nursing homes residents moved out in recent months after a damning report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) revealed concerns over medicine management and fire safety.

The issues led to staff being told they would not be paid in December, leaving many facing money problems in the build-up to Christmas.

Workers say matters have been made worse by Ms Fryer’s Instagram posts, in which she shows off her expensive purchases.

She boasted that she was out shopping for a new winter coat last month, before posting a photo of a Liberty advent calendar, which is filled with £600-worth of beauty products.

Mrs Fryer also told of enjoying room service and champagne during Christmas trips to Edinburgh and Newcastle last week, the Lancashire Post reported.

Mrs Fryer angered unpaid staff by posting photos from her shopping trips online

Mrs Fryer, who lives in a £1.4million home, previously emailed staff saying wages would not be given their wages due to ‘financial difficulties’.

Lee Naylor, who works as a cook at Radcliffe Gardens, said staff were frantic with worry but their pleas had ‘fallen on deaf ears’.

She said: ‘I texted Mrs Fryer asking when to expect my wages as my mortgage is due tomorrow. She told me I wouldn’t be getting paid until at least mid-January.

‘The Liberty advent calendar she’s bragging about cost more than what my mortgage is. I explained to her I had no way of paying it.

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‘I have no savings. It’s cruel how she is treating the staff and residents. Today should have been payday, and a bumper payday at that.

‘Bearing in mind we have been short staffed and staff have had to work extra hours and have gone above and beyond our roles.

‘All of us have families and for some this job is their only source of income. Two weeks before Christmas and we have no wage and no job.’

She also posted a photo of a Liberty beauty products advent calendar, worth around £195

The wages blow came after the home was placed in special measures and 20 residents were warned they would have to leave as it had been issued with a ‘notice of intended closure’.

The email to staff read: ‘Due to the fact that all residents have been found alternative care placements, the business has been disrupted unexpectedly and is facing serious financial issues.

‘We are doing all we can, however as a small family business and with the recent investments, there is no surplus funds available. A payment was expected by December 7 for the continued service.

‘This payment hasn’t been received and the business is not expecting any further payments.’

Mrs Fryer’s Alder Health Group, which is registered in Preston, Lancs., owns and operates Radcliffe Gardens Nursing Home.

The troubled care home had been put into special measures by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in June.

A damning report by the CQC exposed a number of concerns, regarding fire safety, medicine management, and the absence of a registered manager on site.

Staff who work at the Radcliffe Gardens Nursing Home in West Yorkshire have gone unpaid

The home was found to be in breach of regulations and was issued with a ‘notice of intended closure’.

Concerned social workers took urgent action in November and told the families of all 20 residents they would have to leave.

Mrs Fryer appealed to the care tribunal services and a review hearing date has been set for March 2019, but many people had already removed their relatives from the home.

The care home remains open but with no residents.

Mrs Fryer told staff the action taken by Leeds City Council caused her company serious financial issues and left her unable to pay their wages.

As a result, staff were told that they wouldn’t be paid until at least mid-January 2019, but Leeds City Council disputed Mrs Fryer’s claims that the company has not been paid.

A spokesman said: ‘Leeds City Council has rigorously checked to ensure that all fees due to be paid in respect of Radcliffe Gardens Nursing Homes by the council have been paid. There is no evidence of overdue payments or money owed.

‘We have done our best to support staff from the home, signposting them to organisations who can offer support in these circumstances.’

Mrs Fryer has been contacted for comment.

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