Candace Owens says KIDS not cops 'need more training' and asks 'how hard is it to raise child that doesn't kill others?'
22nd April 2021

CANDACE Owens said that kids not cops "need more training" and asked "how hard is it to raise a child that doesn't kill others?"

The outspoken commentator slammed opinions that officers need more training following several high-profile police-related shootings in the country.

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"'Cops need more training'. No— your children do. How hard is it to raise a child that doesn’t attempt to butcher other human beings to death?

"I'm sick of the degeneracy," she slammed in the scathing tweet.

The comments came just one day after Owens shockingly branded a 16-year-old who was killed by police a "knife-wielding maniac" – and called the cop who shot her dead a "hero."

The teen, named by family as Ma'khia Bryant, was killed by officer Nicholas Reardon in Ohio on Tuesday, moments before Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd in Minnesota.

Police body camera video from the incident showed two females arguing, as one was thrown to the ground.

The girl standing appeared to have a weapon in her hand – which police said was a knife – and moved against a vehicle with another female.

As the pair moved toward the vehicle, the girl who cops say had a blade raised her arm.

Someone could be heard yelling "Get down!" multiple times as officer Reardon immediately pulled out his gun and fired repeated shots.

The girl then collapsed on the ground. Several seconds passed before police performing CPR.

Following the release of the footage, controversial right-wing commentator Candace Owens shared her opinions of the incident on Twitter.

"Makhia Bryant was a knife-wielding maniac," Owens wrote.

"But the goal now is to convince black people to celebrate criminality so I’m really excited to learn about how heroic, kind, and inspiring this knife-wielding maniac was."'

Owens' remarks drew a great deal of backlash, with journalist Imara Jones pointing out that Bryant "was 16".

"I do not care," Owens thundered back in response. "Normal sixteen year olds do not attempt to butcher another human being to death with a knife.

"Neither her skin color or her age absolves her from any guilt."

She continued: "The responding officer is a hero."

The cop who fired the fatal shots has since been identified as Officer Nicholas Reardon, who has been a Columbus police officer since December 2019.

He has been placed on paid leave while an investigation into the matter is carried out.

Owens made the shocking comments just hours after she called Derek Chauvin's guilty verdict "mob justice" while speaking with Tucker Carlson, who asked if the trial was "giving up civilization."

"What we're seeing is mob justice," Owens said in response to Carlson. "It now means that the Democrats can get whatever they want."

Owens made the controversial remarks on Carlson's show following Chauvin's trial, where the jury found him guilty of all three counts of murder and manslaughter.

This, Owens argued, was an unfair verdict.

"This was not a fair trial. No person can say this was a fair trial."

"The media and the Democrats now have enough power to bully and to lie to and to create propaganda," she argued.

"You'd think in a country like ours, you'd think the most civilized and most just," Carlson asked. "Here you have to consider a murder case through the lens of politics. When you get to that point, haven't you already given up on civilization?

"And what we're really seeing is mob justice and that's really what happened with this entire trial this was not a trial about George Floyd or Derek Chauvin," Owens responded.

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