Can I go to the beach in the UK during lockdown? – The Sun
25th May 2020

THE weather is hotting up across the UK but with the four nation's leaders imposing different rules, Brits are unsure of what is and isn't allowed.

Here's everything you need to know if you fancy popping to the beach.

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Can you go to the beach in the UK?

From Wednesday, May 13, people in England are technically allowed to go to the beach but it is still classed as a high-risk area if it's crowded.

People are allowed to travel to beauty spots across England with members of their own household – but this rule doesn't apply to the whole of the UK.

Welsh and Scottish governments have warned people against crossing the border in their countries to head to beauty spots.

Expert in infectious diseases at the University of East Anglia, Professor Paul Hunter, said: “If you get there and you can adequately socially distance, fine, stay there for a couple of hours, be sensible.

“But if it starts to fill up and you realise that nobody else is paying attention to social distancing, I would leave.”

Residents in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are not permitted to head to the beach for a day trip.

What are the social distancing rules at the beach?

Social distancing rules are to stay two metres away from everyone except those you live with.

It is also paramount that you wash your hands and try to avoid bottlenecks like public loos due to the risk of transmission.

As with any other public area it is at your own risk to go to potentially crowded areas, so look for a more quiet beach.


If you are coming from an area that is experiencing high rates of infection then do not travel to areas with lower rates as you could cause an outbreak in the local population.

You might want to also consider bringing a packed lunch and other items you may need to avoid local shops.

Are any beaches in the UK closed?

Closures of public spaces vary as they are down to the local council, so please check before you go as you may not be able to park anywhere if the beach is closed.

Councils have been hesitant to reopen public spaces in spite of the relaxing of the rules on Wednesday, May 13, due to the risk of a surge of localised infections being brought in from elsewhere in the UK.

West Wittering has announced it will remain closed and Brighton's council has said their beach is a high-risk area.

Meanwhile,  in Weston-Super-Mare, on May 25, they had to stop admissions into their hospital due to a surge in coronavirus cases – with a local doctor blaming the visitors coming to the beach.

However, most beaches are now open provided you social distance.

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