Bus driver's girlfriend of four years dumped him EuroMillions winner
9th August 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Bus driver tells how girlfriend of four years dumped him for £148m EuroMillions winner Adrian Bayford after he offered her a job as his ‘estate manager’ and sent her sexually explicit messages

  •  Mark told MailOnline: ‘She gave me all this nonsense. It’s a load of crap’
  •  Tracey dumped Mark last August when they were sharing a rented house

A bus driver has told how his girlfriend dumped him for lookalike EuroMillions lotto winner Adrian Bayford after he offered her a job as his ‘estate manager’.

Mark Newman, 57, said he was left devastated when Tracey Biles walked out on him to start a new life with super-rich Adrian who scooped a £148m Euromillions jackpot in 2012.

He claimed that Tracey, 45, had initially told him that she was only in a professional relationship with Adrian and living in a separate part of his £6.5m mansion on his 189 acre estate at Linton, Cambridgeshire.

Mark who is 6ft 2ins tall and heavily built, looks astonishingly like chubby former postman Adrian, 52, who was running a second hand record shop when he and his former wife Gillian became Britain’s biggest ever lottery winners.

He said he had been blissfully happy with Tracey after they got together in 2018 when they were both working as bus drivers in Colchester, Essex.

Bus driver Mark Newman with former girlfriend Tracey Biles who has become ‘estate manager’ for lottery winner Adrian Bayford 

The two bed semi detached house in Beccles, Suffolk, which bus driver Mark Newman used to share with his lover Tracey Biles until she left him

Adrian Bayford, one of England’s biggest ever Euromillions jackpot winners, is pictured with Tracey Biles

But he said it was clear from early in their relationship that she wanted to be with divorced father-of-two Adrian.

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, he said today: ‘We were together for about four and a half years. 

‘He has known her since she was 17 and he has always wanted to sleep with her. He has always been chasing her.

Even when we were together he was sending messages of a sexual orientation to her and sexually explicit stuff, and all that.

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‘She told me, although she was very secretive about text messages. 

‘I would say, “Who is this now?” and, “It’s him again, what does he want”. And she would say, “What do you think?”.

Mark said he first feared that Adrian might be a potential love rival for Tracey’s affections in around September 2018 when she took him round to his Georgian mansion to meet him.

Mark said: ‘I actually met him once. We had gone away for a long weekend in Derbyshire and Blackpool, and on the way back, she said, “Why not meet my friend?”

‘I said, “Who’s that then? She said, “Some bloke called Adrian”. I had no idea who he is and no idea about his winnings, so I said, “Alright then”.

‘But as soon as we got there and as soon as we got out of the car, I knew it was all over because she became so flirty and tarty with her t*** out and a bum wiggle. 

‘She was saying, “hello darling” and all this crap. I just knew then that I had a problem. This was about four or five-years-ago.‘

He showed us round the house and at one stage we were in the kitchen. She was sitting next to him beside the island and I was standing there like a spare part.’

Mark said he was living with Tracey at the time in Colchester when she decided she wanted them to move because she wanted them to make a new start.

He added: ‘Adrian heard about this and offered to buy us a house and give it to us. 

‘My reaction was to say, ‘No’ straight away, and Tracey said, “I’m glad you said that”. 

‘Her words were, “If he gives something to me, I have to give something to him”.‘They later started texting each other. 

‘He was sending her messages with a sexual inuendo.’

Mark said: ‘I just detest him. It’s an age old thing. If you have got money, you can buy whatever or whoever you want for the right price’

Mark revealed that Tracey dumped him last August when they were sharing an £800-a-month two bed semi-detached rented house in Beccles, Suffolk.

He said: ‘She walked out on me about a year ago and even that was lies. She said to me that she was going to stay at her mum’s for a while.

‘We were just going through a difficult patch, and then I found out she had not even gone there. She had gone straight to his.‘

I had written a letter just to put down in words how we could get back together. I took it around her mum and dad’s, and her car wasn’t there.‘

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I said to her, “Swear on your nephew’s life that you were at your mum and dad’s.” She said, “I can’t because you know where I was.”

‘She had gone straight to him, and that was it basically. That was the downfall of it all. When I was at work, she came round and emptied the house of all her belongings, and that was it.

‘Apparently she is his estate manager. That is the title she was given by him. She is living with him, but she gave me all this nonsense, that she was at one end of the house and he was at the other. It’s a load of crap.’

Asked if she had admitted that she was in a relationship with Adrian, he said: ‘No, we don’t talk any more.

‘There is no communication or anything. She won’t answer my questions and she has blocked me in every conceivable way. It just went on from there.‘

‘I haven’t got any proof that they are in a relationship, but the way they are and everything else, it doesn’t take an idiot to work it out. It’s the proof of it that I can’t give you.‘

‘He has been pictured with a beard just recently when he used to be clean shaven. Tracey made me grow a beard when she was with me and now it looks like she has done the same with him.

‘I just detest him. It’s an age old thing. If you have got money, you can buy whatever or whoever you want for the right price.’

Mark, a divorced father-of-four, said he had heard that Adrian and Tracey had been away on holiday to Thailand together.

But the pair have also been seen out and about together in the Haverhill area, and are thought to have enjoyed trips to Center Parcs and Skegness.

Talking about his relationship with his former partner, Mark claimed: ‘It felt like we were like two teenagers in love, always laughing, joking and messing around. We were so happy.’

He added: ‘She has no children, although that’s a thing she always wanted. We were both bus drivers in Colchester when we met. We moved up here to Lowestoft and we were both drivers.

‘She left there because she didn’t like it and went to work for another company doing plastic mouldings and she walked out of that when he (Adrian), said, “I’ll give you a job”. That’s what she told me.’

Adrian carried on running his record shop in Haverhill after he and wife Gillian won the £148million EuroMillions jackpot in August 2012, but later closed it down.

But the couple split just 15 months after their big win. They divided their winnings with Gillian returning to her native Scotland, leaving Adrian behind in the former mansion that they used to share.

Adrian later found himself unlucky in love with a string of headline stories about his relationships.

He was at first linked to sausage factory worker Marta Jarosz, 30, after employing her as a bodyguard and assistant.

Adrian later got engaged to horsewoman Sam Burbidge, 29, and spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on funding her passion for riding.

He reportedly bought up to 30 thoroughbred horses for her use, paid for stable staff and a £1.5million eventing arena in Norfolk.

Mark, a divorced father-of-four, said he had heard that Adrian and Tracey (pictured) had been away on holiday to Thailand together 

He is said to have started dating Frankie & Benny’s waitress Lisa Kemp in December that year but they split in 2018.

Adrian has indulged in a string of business schemes to keep himself active since his big win, ranging from selling Christmas trees to running a string of buy-to-let properties. 

More recently he started renting out a farmhouse on his estate for around £110 a night on Airbnb.

Adrian has reportedly refused to comment on his friendship with Tracey, other than saying that he was ‘just getting on with my life’.

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