British tourist who died flown home without eyes, heart and BRAIN
9th December 2018

British woman who died in Mexico was flown home without her eyes, heart and BRAIN ‘after they were stolen by organ traffickers’

  • Amanda Gill died at Hospital de Cos, which prosecutor says is a ‘very bad’ place 
  • Medical centre claims her organs were intact when body was given to police 
  • But when the body returned to the UK only organ in place was her lower bowel
  • Left postmortem unable to determine what she died off while she was travelling 

The body of Amanda Gill (pictured) was returned to her family without any organs other than her lower bowel 

A dead British tourist’s body was returned to her family with no eyes, heart or brain after she died in a Mexican hospital.

Organ traffickers are feared to be the reason that 41-year-old Amanda Gill’s corpse came home with every vital parts missing other than her lower bowel.

Her devastated mother, 65-year-old Elaine Hines, told of her horror when her daughter ‘came home empty’.

‘They stole everything inside her,’ she told The Sunday People. ‘If this has happened to Amanda how many other people has it ­happened to and will again?’

Amanda’s sister, Katie Miller-Gill, said: ‘Where are my sister’s beautiful blue eyes? Why were they taken from her? Where is her brain, her heart?’

The 35-year-old added that the family might have considered donating the organs if only they had been asked, but says that they were stolen before they could consider it.

She thinks they may have been taken by criminals who did not think that a British family would follow the case up.

Barmaid and waitress Amanda from Shipley, West Yorkshire, died at Hospital de Cos following diabetes complications while travelling. 

It is thought that she may have suffered ketoacidosis, which can by treated through fluids from an IV drip. But she died less than 12 hours after falling ill. 

Hospital chiefs and local justices say they do not know what happened to the body and say it was placed in a sealed bag and handed to police with all its organs intact. 

But the country is blighted by criminals and corrupt doctors who steal organs to make money from Mexico’s donor shortage.   

Hospital de Cos (pictured) has claimed that the organs were all intact when they handed the body over to the police 

Her mother said the family only found out about the missing parts when the body was subjected to a CT scan back in the UK.  

The lack of organs meant that a postmortem could not be performed to determine how she died.  

Elaine said that her daughter had been to hospital a few times with ketoacidosis but doesn’t understand why she died on this occasion.   

She claims that the hospital said her daughter ‘wouldn’t take fluids’. Elaine says the first thing doctors have done in previous treatments is put her daughter on a drip, adding that  ketoacidosis ‘isn’t something that would have killed her’. 

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Mexican authorities gave one cause of death as ‘visceral congestion’ which pathologists in the UK have been baffled by.

The family cremated the body on Amanda’s birthday, February 27, without the organs after she died in December.   

Mexican authorities have blamed one another, with nobody willing to accept responsibility.

Hospital de Cos admin manager Angeles Nava said that when Amanda died the British embassy was called. 

Amanda Gill (pictured) died just 12 hours after being admitted to the hospital 

He said the embassy then called the police, who came to collect the body. He said that when the body was sealed in a bag all of the organs were in there.   

Hospital de Cos handed the family documents telling them they owed the facility £1,600 for treatment. 

MailOnline has contacted the police for comment, but The Sunday People says that the force refused to speak to its reporters. 

Public prosecutor Edgar Camacho said he received a report about Amanda’s death with listed the cause of diabetic shock. 

He claims to know nothing of the missing organs and says that no investigation had been launched even though the Foreign Office has contacted Mexican authorities.

He said it was ‘very strange’ that somebody took her brain and eyes and described Hospital de Cos as ‘very bad’.

Mr Camacho claimed that about 90 per cent of patients who are admitted to the hospital die. 

A Bradford inquest into Amanda’s death said that it was more likely than not that the death was the result of natural causes but acknowledged there were unanswered questions. 

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office said that it is supporting the family of a British woman who died in Mexico and that it has conveyed concerns to the country’s mortuary services.



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