Brit tourist blinded at Mallorca club receives over £200k compensation
11th August 2023

British tourist who was blinded in both eyes aged 18 after paint bag was blasted into his face at Mallorca nightclub receives more than £200,000 compensation

  • Dillon Connery was shot with a stage-mounted paint gun at a club in Magaluf 

A British tourist will receive more than £200,000 in compensation after he was hit point-blank in the face with a ‘paint bag’ at a Mallorca nightclub, losing his sight in both eyes.

Dillon Connery, then 18, had his eyes ‘split like nutshells’ by projectile paint during a UV paint night at the Carwash Club in July 2018, while holidaying in Magaluf.

Multiple surgeries could not save the sight of the teenager from Paisley, Scotland, his mother saying at the time his eyes had been ‘obliterated and destroyed’.

Now, a Mallorca court has ruled that appropriate measures were not taken to safeguard guests, instructing the club to pay €150,000 (£130,000) in compensation.

It is understood the damages are only half of the victim’s entitlement, the other share already paid out by the club’s insurance company. 

Connery had initially asked for €1,000,000 in damages (£864,675), but was unable to provide evidence of how the injury had impacted his life, Bild reported.

Dillon Connery was blinded with his eyes ‘split in two’ by a paint gun at a nightclub in Magaluf

The teenager required multiple surgeries, but doctors were unable to save his sight

Connery was hurt after a stream of liquid from a ‘stage-mounted’ paint gun fired into his face on July 11, 2018, reports say.

His mother, Ashleigh Connery, said: ‘His friends went to the bar and Dylan was by himself for five minutes. 

‘His eyes have been shattered.’ 

When his friends returned, the thought he had been attacked given how much pain he was in. 

The cybersecurity company trainee was promptly taken to Son Espases Hospital in Palma, where his mother flew out to meet him.

The family then travelled back to Scotland with Connery receiving treatment at the Gartnavel Royal Hospital hospital.

The surgeon could not believe how powerfully he had been hit, his mother said.

‘The surgeon was very upset and had never seen anything like this before. The translator had said his eyes had been obliterated and destroyed.’

Police opened an investigation into the incident soon after.

But it has taken five years for the club to be ordered to pay out damages to the victim.

At first, Connery was awarded just €2,600 (£2,248) as judges were unable to prove that he was really blind.

A district court found contradictory evidence from the hospital in Palma, concluding ‘sufficient evidence’ he had been blinded by the paint gun.

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Connery is understood to now be on his second year of a business degree, The Sun reported.

He told The Sun this year: ‘There will be people out there that have questions that maybe I can answer having had so many surgeries on my eyes.

‘If I can help some of those people as well that would be even better.’

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