Bright yellow jacket was undoing of suspect in NYC rape: NYPD
2nd January 2021

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A homeless man was busted Saturday in connection with the horrific New Year’s Eve strangulation rape by a bogus deliveryman, thanks to Manhattan cops who spotted a jaywalker wearing a canary yellow jacket — the same distinctive color worn by the attacker, sources told The Post.

Public Safety Officers with the 13th Precinct were sitting in a police car near the location of the rape at East 30th Street and Third Avenue in Kip’s Bay at 1 a.m., when a man in a puffy yellow jacket fitting the rapist’s description walked right in front of them, sources said.

They “recognized him from flyers, photos and notifications issued from the command,” the NYPD said in announcing the arrest of Elijah Kelly, 23, who lived at the nearby and notorious 30th Street Men’s Shelter next to Bellevue Hospital.

The facility has sheltered dozens of homeless sex offenders at a time.

Kelly was taken into custody without incident –wearing the same jacket from the rape, sources said.

Kelly allegedly still had the victim’s debit card — and an ATM withdrawal receipt — in his jacket pocket.

The 27-year-old victim had opened her door just before noon on New Year’s Eve, believing that she was getting a delivery, only to be choked unconscious by the suspect, police said.

She regained consciousness as she was being raped, she told cops.

Kelly is being charged with rape, robbery, felony assault, strangulation, burglary, grand larceny and sexual abuse.

Additional reporting by Larry Celona.

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