Brian Laundrie internet sleuths suspect he 'called parents to tell them where to find his body before he killed himself'
22nd October 2021

INTERNET sleuths have claimed that Brian Laundrie called his parents to tell them where to find his body prior to them helping uncover his remains on Wednesday.

Social media posts surged after Brian Laundrie’s bones were found at the Carlton Reserve in Florida.


Authorities confirmed the human remains were Laundrie’s the day after his parents joined in the search.

In less than two hours,his mom and dad entered the reserve and located his belongings before investigators discover the remains nearby.

Internet sleuths were dubious that Laundrie’s remains were found by accident.

“Regarding the Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie case, I believe his parents may have had something to do with his death. Investigators said that his remains were from over a month ago. His parents were also too calm during this whole situation,” one person posted on Twitter.

Another individual posted: “What if… Brian Laundrie told his parents he was going there for a hike.. what if…when he got there he decided to take his own life.  What if… he called his parents and told them he could not go on n took his own life… What If…”


Speculations continue on the Facebook page, Gabby Petito ~ Vanished Discussion Group OG, which was set up on September 13.

One person said: “Since it’s been reported the remains were ‘skeletal remains/bones’ and the discovery of the remains was so bizarre. What do we think about … the parents buying real human bones from a site…? … Bones are fairly easy to obtain and more affordable than you think.”

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