Brazilian police seize ‘super obedient’ parrot trained as lookout for drug dealers
25th April 2019

Brazilian police seized a parrot trained to alert drug dealers of police.
(Globo News)

A parrot trained as a lookout for Brazilian drug dealers is keeping its beak shut after it was taken by police Monday following a raid on a local couple, according to reports.

The bird was taught to alert criminals to the presence of police in a low-income community in the Piaui state in northern Brazil, the Guardian reported. It reportedly shouted “Mum, the police!” whenever it spotted authorities in the area.

“He must have been trained for this,” one officer involved in the operation said, according to the paper. “As soon as the police got close he started shouting.”

A Brazilian journalist who came in contact with the bird described it as “super obedient” and has kept it beak shut in the presence of cops, the paper reported. A local veterinarian confirmed the bird is no stool pigeon, saying “lots of police officers have come by and he’s said nothing.”

The parrot was handed over to a local zoo where it will spend three months learning to fly before it is released.

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