Boy, 6, has teeth knocked out as he's smashed in the face with HAMMER in primary school 'forest lesson'
9th December 2018

Riley Meredith-Morgan lost his two upper front teeth when the tool was thrown during an outdoor school forest lesson.

The youngster is unable to eat or drink without using a straw – and will be toothless for Christmas as he waits to see if the adult teeth will grow back.

A dental x-ray revealed a third set of teeth above the gum, but it could take up to six years for these to grow through.

Mum Susan, 29, is "disgusted" that an external health and safety review deemed the incident was an accident.

Susan, a mum-of-three, claims she has not even had an apology from Riley's school, Severnbanks Primary in Lydney, Glos., following the incident on November 22.

She said: "When I got to the school he was still in shock. It broke my heart to see him. He had to have time off school because of the severe discomfort and and he couldn't eat or drink without a straw.

"I had to fight with him to get him back to school and I feel sick to my stomach every second he is there."

The exact circumstances of the accident are unclear, but Susan claims it happened after a group of six-year-old boys were given a safety talk.

Susan said: "Something more needs to be done. I haven't even had an apology from anyone involved. The lack of compassion is unreal, it's diabolical."

The following day she was told the other child involved had been excluded for the rest of the day and then spent the next day in isolation.

Forest lessons, such as making campfires and learning practical woodland skills, are growing popular with schools.

The school referred the incident to external health and safety consultants – during which Susan claims nobody asked Riley what had happened.

She added: "The punishment for the child is not my issue. Accidents do happen. I just want justice for my boy.

"I left it over a week to see what they came back with and to see if I would have a written apology, but nothing. They have left me with no choice but to let people know what happened."

Susan said she will carry on fighting until she has justice for the accident which may have left Riley needing false teeth at the age of six.

Rod Johnson, chairman of the governors at Severnbanks, said in a statement: "The incident referred to happened during an outdoor Forest School session where children may use a variety of tools.

"The school has followed its normal policies and procedures. An investigation has been undertaken of the incident including risk assessments and interviews with all parties involved.

"When an incident like this occurs, the school refers the incident to external health and safety consultants. They have considered all the evidence and it is their view that this was an accident.

"As is standard for any accident such as this, the school has conducted a further review of its procedures and risk assessments. The school has taken action that it deems to be appropriate in the circumstances of this accident."
The Sun Online has contacted the school for comment.


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