Boy, 11, savaged by pack of wild dogs weeks after woman’s face was ‘skinned’ by beasts in same spot
18th January 2021

A BOY is fighting for his life after being savaged by a pack of wild dogs three weeks after a woman was killed by hounds in the same location.

Artyom Bogachyov, 11, suffered horrific damage to his leg and thigh as well as head and upper body injuries during the brutal attack.

He was flown from his home in Ulan-Ude to Moscow for emergency medical treatment on his harrowing injuries.

The boy’s mother Svetlana Bogachyova, 36, told local media that doctors are refusing to say they can save his life.

She said: "The doctors don't say anything yet…..I don't know anything myself.

"So far, there are no forecasts from medics at all.

"I visited him in intensive care. His right leg is just badly damaged, his thigh.

"Multiple bites….he is all in tubes."

His grandmother Olga Shergina, 58, recounted the words of Artyom’s brother Kirill, 13,  who saw the terrified boy after the attack.

She said: “He was lying absolutely naked, undressed in the snow.

"His clothes were torn, he was ripped all over, in tears.

“His back, arms, legs, thigh and scalp were affected the most. 

"There was one bloody mess on his body. 

“My grandson has lost a lot of blood. 

“His face, fortunately, is intact. 

"Only in the ambulance did he lose consciousness.

“His mother is not asking him about the details so as not to traumatise him even more.”

Artyom reportedly would've been killed if it weren't for a pensioner who claims he scared the wolves away with his stick, forcing them to retreat.

He said: "He was already naked and shouting in a very weak voice: ‘Help, help’."

Artyom was later put in a medical coma following treatment in the hospital.

Doctors said his condition was “extremely difficult, due to severe traumatic, hemorrhagic shock."

They said: "There is a struggle to maintain his vital functions and restore damaged tissues." 

The gruesome attack on Artyom comes after the beasts "totally skinned" a woman's face in the same spot just three weeks prior.

Beautician Tatyana Loskutnikova, 20, was left seriously wounded with her face disfigured when the pack of dogs hacked at her. 

All the skin was ripped off Tatyana’s face, including her eyelids.

After the mauling, she was left "damaged beyond recognition," according to reports.

Her family say she now sits  up briefly for the first time  since the attack, aided by a special device. 

She was also moved 3,500 miles to Moscow for life-saving treatment.

Thankfully, doctors were able to salvage her right eye after surgery.

The attacks have sparked outrage througout the city and residents are demanding action.

To avoid any more tragedies, children are now being escorted to and from school in the Russian city by volunteer guards.

It is believed that the dogs escaped from a local animal shelter, causing vigilantes to attack the place.

A second attempt to set fire to the animal shelter was condemned by city mayor Igor Shutenkov.

He has vowed to move dog refuges  away from residential areas and make them secure after reports the pack had escaped to stage both attacks. 

He said: "Attacks on shelters are a threat to ourselves.

“We must not allow even the slightest possibility of these dogs on the street.”

Some local strays have been shot and local officials may suspend laws on the humane treatment of animals to kill all those without owners, reported Mash.

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