Boris Becker DROPS claim to have diplomatic immunity from bankruptcy
3rd December 2018

Boris Becker DROPS his claim to have diplomatic immunity from bankruptcy – as his estranged wife Lilly tells German TV the former tennis star ‘so grossly disappointed me’

  • The 51-year-old had said he was a diplomat for the Central African Republic 
  • He claimed he he had a diplomatic passport in Brussels making him immune 
  • It means a planned auction of Becker’s trophies and memorabilia will go ahead
  • The tennis star’s estranged wife Lilly last night ruled out any reconciliation

Former world tennis number one Boris Becker (pictured) has dropped his claim to have diplomatic immunity from bankruptcy

Former world tennis number one Boris Becker has dropped his claim to have diplomatic immunity from bankruptcy.  

The 51-year-old was declared bankrupt in 2017 but had delayed court proceedings after the Central African Republic appointed him as an attache to the EU. 

The three-time Wimbledon champion had said the diplomatic appointment made him immune from bankruptcy proceedings. 

But he has now abandoned his case and his bankruptcy has been extended indefinitely, following a hearing in London.

It means a planned auction of his trophies and memorabilia, which was previously put on hold, will now go ahead.  

The latest setback for Becker comes just a day after his estranged wife Lilly slammed him on German TV saying he had ‘grossly disappointed’ her. 

His lawyers said the proposed sale was worth an estimated £200,000 and includes his ‘most important sporting trophies’ and ‘highly personal memorabilia’.  

The collection includes a certificate commemorating his doubles gold medal win in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and a lot containing a sweater, wrist bands and socks.  

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His claim of diplomatic immunity sparked a row in June when his lawyers said he was protected by the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. 

They claimed he could not be subjected to any legal proceedings without the consent of the Foreign Secretary – then Boris Johnson – and his counterpart in Bangui. 

Becker said he had a passport at the embassy in Brussels but the CAR foreign minister and a presidential spokesman denied that such a document existed.  

However a country’s embassy in Brussels told a court Becker did have a passport, and a judge postponed the proceedings.  

Lilly Becker is pictured on a German TV show last night where she said it was ‘over’ between her and her tennis star husband and ruled out any prospect of a reconciliation

Boris Becker and his wife Lilly, pictured together in Monaco in February this year, are embroiled in a divorce battle after they announced earlier this year that they were separating 

The embassy said Becker was ‘in mission for our country and our embassy in the field of sport, culture and humanitarian affairs’. 

The tennis star and his estranged wife Lilly are also battling over money at a divorce court after announcing their separation earlier this year. 

Last night Mrs Becker slammed her estranged husband in an interview on German television, saying he had ‘disappointed me beyond measure’ and calling 2018 the ‘worst year of my life’. 

Dutch-born Lilly revealed that the only time she sees Boris is when he picks up their eight-year-old child, Amadeus, according to Bild. 

Speaking to broadcaster RTL, she said: ‘Lilly and Boris Becker are not friends at the moment. Because he’s so grossly disappointed me. 

‘What makes it so bad is that it’s all happening in public now. But I married a public figure, perhaps that’s part of it. 

‘I’m ashamed that we weren’t able to deal with it privately and personally. I think we both made mistakes.’ 

Asked about a possible reconciliation with Boris, whom she married in 2009, she said: ‘Absolutely not. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work any more. 

‘Too much has happened. I didn’t want it any more, neither did he, that’s OK. It really is over.’  

Boris Becker watches tennis at London’s O2 Arena last month. He has dropped his claim to diplomatic immunity from bankruptcy proceedings 

A 17-year-old Becker, pictured, became the youngest ever men’s singles champion at Wimbledon when he lifted the trophy in 1985

Mrs Becker said she had ‘lost the most important person in my life’, but she was referring to her grandmother who recently died rather than to Boris.  

At a hearing at the Central Family Court in London in October Mrs Becker made an application for ‘financial remedies’ concerning the couple’s money. 

Today lawyers acting for the bankruptcy trustees told a specialist insolvency court in London that Becker has now dropped his claim to immunity.

Becker is said to have written in an email that he had ‘no alternative but to abandon the claim for diplomatic immunity’. 

The tennis star also wrote that he was ‘not in a position’ financially to pursue any part of his case.  

Judge Schaffer, hearing the case, made an order which suspends the discharge of Mr Becker’s bankruptcy indefinitely.  

Lilly Becker speaks to German broadcaster Günther Jauch on German TV last night, during an interview in which she said 2018 had been the ‘worst year of her life’ 

Boris Becker described 2018 as the ‘worst year of her life’, in an interview for a German ‘review of the year’ programme which aired last night 

The judge told the court Mr Becker’s finances may be scrutinised if he fails to co-operate with the trustees.

At the June hearing, lawyers acting for the bankruptcy trustees claimed Mr Becker had not co-operated fully with them by not providing ‘full and accurate information’ about his assets.

The allegation related to assets including two German properties, a property in London, an interest in three Mercedes dealerships and various tennis trophies and memorabilia. 

At around the same time as today’s hearing Becker posted a picture of him and his son on Twitter, appearing to place him in Hamburg.  

Becker was declared bankrupt in June 2017 by Registrar Christine Derrett, who recalled watching him play on Centre Court.  

The bankruptcy application was made by bankers Arbuthnot Latham in connection with a judgment debt dating back to 2015. 

A 17-year-old Becker became the youngest ever men’s singles champion at Wimbledon when he lifted the trophy in 1985. He won it again in 1986 and 1989. 

He collected 49 singles titles including six Grand Slam trophies in a career spanning more than two decades, retiring in 1999. 

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