Bizarre pic shows huge kitchen knives being sold underneath a ‘back to school’ sign at US supermarket – The Sun
14th August 2019

A BIZARRE picture of a "back to school" sign above a display of ginormous lethal looking kitchen knives has resurfaced.

The strange sign choice is originally thought to have been shared in a blog post from 2008 which claims the display was in Vans Grocery Store in Yorba Linda, California.

The blogger, Marcy writes: "Um, lets see I got pencils, paper, folders…now what am I forgetting for Billy’s back-to-school supplies?

“Knives. Oh that is right- Back to School KNIVES

"Billy goes to a school in a rough neighborhood."

Social media users reactions to the strange snap were mixed, with some finding the faux-pas funny and others reacting with horror.

Twitter user, Peter the Printer wrote: "The one of the Back to school sign over the display of knives is a bit worrying. Encouraging school children to carry knives is not a good idea.

"There's too much knife crime on our streets as it is."

Another Twitter user, Bob Henry sarcastically wrote: "August is BACK TO SCHOOL month! Pick up your knives now!"

Another user Tweeted: "It's never too early to start your back to school shopping.

"You can even get pencil sharpeners, but for your knives."

The bizarre pic has been shared online in various meme galleries, with users pointing out the fail.

However, under what appears to be the original post from 2008, several savvy social mesia users pointed out the sale is probably for returning or first time uni students.

User Sigh1 commented: "It tries to be funny, but the reality of it is so obvious, ie for first year college students, that the writer seems more oblivious than the product is funny."

With another user, apparently familiar with the display clarified:  "The package says 'for apartment, dorm, camper, or office'. Which of those is inappropriate? Or neat?

"College is school too. For people who are over 18, and often cook for themselves."

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