Biryani murder plot confession tape of death row British wife's lover
4th November 2023

The biryani murder plot confession tape: Chilling moment the lover of death row British wife reveals how he slit the throat of her sleeping husband after she laced his curry with sedatives

  • EXCLUSIVE:  Gurpreet Singh slit Sukhjit Singh’s throat while he slept
  • Sukhjit Singh’s wife Ramandeep Kaur Mann was found guilty of murder

This is the chilling moment the lover of a cheating British wife sentenced to death in India for murdering her husband confessed to colluding with her to commit the crime.

Gurpreet Singh reveals in chilling detail how he hit his childhood friend Sukhjit Singh over the head with a hammer and then slit his throat while he slept at his mother’s house in India in September 2016.

Mr Singh’s wife, Ramandeep Kaur Mann, 38 from Derby was found guilty of his murder earlier this month and given the capital punishment after her trial heard that she fed him a biryani laced with sedatives and then allowed Gurpreet, 32 into the family home to kill him.

In his taped video confession to Indian police, obtained by MailOnline Gurpreet reveals that the plan to murder Mr Singh, 34 was instigated by Mann because she got ‘sick and tired’ of his alleged drug taking and suffered domestic abuse.

He reveals: ‘I received a phone call from her, and she said ‘he’s beating me, he doesn’t stop. I’m going to kill him, or he’ll kill me. Please help me. Bring me some things to kill him. I need a knife and a hammer.’ Then I bought them.’

Gurpreet Singh (pictured), who was a childhood friend of Sukhjeet, was sentenced to life imprisonment with a fine of £260,000 

Devout Sikh Sukhjit Singh (left), 34, a father-of-two from Derby was found in bed with his throat slit

British mother Ramandeep Kaur Mann (pictured) sentenced to death in India for murdering her husband so that she could inherit £2 million from his life insurance policy

Gurpreet Singh confesses to his part in horrific murder

Recalling the events of the night he revealed: ‘She was smothering him with a pillow. I hit him with a hammer over the head. She said, ‘he’s still not dead.’ So, she gave me the knife I bought with me.

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‘She gave me the knife and I cut his throat. He was still struggling for breath even after he’d been smothered and hit over the head. I got very scared about what might happen because I’d done such a serious thing.’

Gurpreet was arrested hours after the murder as he attempted to board a flight to Dubai, where he lived.

In his confession to Indian police, he claims that he and Mann became close after she started confiding in him about Mr Singh’s alleged drug abuse and the domestic violence she suffered.

He said: ‘She confided in me and because of that we became close. She said speak to him, I said yes, but he’s your husband, if I could I’d save you. We became close, we became friends, we spoke a lot.’

He added: ‘She was sick and tired of it all. When he used drugs, he would beat her. She said to him you should be ashamed. He was lying all the time, saying that he didn’t take drugs. That’s why they didn’t get on.’

Mann’s trial heard that her affair with Gurpreet started when she went on a family holiday to Dubai to visit him in December 2015. 

They then agreed to go to India the following September to visit Mr Singh’s mother and the group also spent time travelling around the country.

Gurpreet said that after a few days he was at his family’s home in Punjab, north India when he received a call from Mann instructing him to come to the village of Bastantapur, where Mr Singh’s mother lived which was a 12-hour train ride away.

He said that on the night of the murder, he arrived outside the home at around 11.30pm and that Mann opened the front gate to let him in. Mr Singh was asleep in an upstairs bedroom with his two sons.

Gurpreet added: ‘She opened the front door so that I could come in. I went upstairs. The two dogs were in a cage which was covered with a cloth so that they couldn’t see anything. Then she took me upstairs.

‘She went inside (the bedroom) to check. She said: ‘We’re going to have to do this.’ I thought, if we have a problem, I’ll get into trouble. She said: ‘We’re going to have to kill him.’

‘I went inside, and she said: ‘Hit him with a hammer.’ He was struggling.’

Mann is seen with Gurpreet after the pair had been arrested by police following Singh’s murder

The killing was witnessed by their eldest son Arjun who was aged nine at the time. Pictured: Sukhjit Singh and Ramandeep Kaur Mann

Her trial at a court in Shahjahanpur, north India heard that Mann’s affair with Gurpreet, who was her husband’s childhood friend, started during a family holiday to Dubai in November 2015

Singh with his wife in the UK. The couple were on holiday in India when Singh was murdered

Ramandeep Kaur Mann, 38, from Derby, was found guilty of murdering her husband Sukhjeet Singh, 34, (pictured together) while they were on holiday at his mother’s house in India in 2016

Sukhjit Singh with his wife and their son. The couple married in 2005 and were living in Derby prior to his death

Sukhjit Singh with his wife, Ramandeep Kaur Mann. She is now pleading for help as she sits in a jail awaiting her execution

Mann is being housed in Shahjahanpur District Jail (pictured) in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh

Mann with her children and police at the scene of her husband’ murder. He is lying in front of them

Mann with her husband their son. He started wearing a turban and having a beard around two years before his killing

Gurpreet told police that he and Mr Singh attended the same school where they became close friends but then lost touch for many years after they both left India.

Mr Singh moved to the UK in 2002 while Gurpreet went to Dubai, where he worked in construction and trucking.

He said that after committing the murder, he put the weapons in a bag and disposed of them. He then boarded a train to New Delhi so that he could catch his flight and rang Man a couple of times en route.

She was arrested by police shortly after the murder.

Gurpreet was sentenced to life imprisonment and is being housed in Shahjahanpur District Jail in Uttar Pradesh, north India where Mann is also being housed in the women’s section of the prison.

She exclusively broke her silence from behind bars to MailOnline, protesting her innocence and begging for a pardon while insisting that she was ‘framed’ by her husband’s family.

Fighting back the tears, Mann told MailOnline from inside the dilapidated 18th century jail which was built during the British Raj that she is in a ‘living hell.’

She cried: ‘It’s horrendous, it’s like being in hell, both this prison and the bigger situation that I find myself in.

It’s the worst thing that has happened to me. I feel so alone, I haven’t made any friends in here and I just keep myself to myself.

‘The food and the conditions are really awful. I don’t speak to anyone, and I don’t want to do anything. I just spend the whole day sitting around crying.’

Lawyers for Mann have appealed against the death sentence but according to sources, Gurpreet is not challenging his conviction.

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