Biden forgets George Floyd daughter’s name as he urges ‘keep Fauci, fire Trump’
2nd November 2020

Democratic candidate Joe Biden on Monday came to the defense of Dr. Anthony Fauci after President Trump indicated he may fire the coronavirus task force member — telling supporters to instead fire the president as he again appeared to stumble in his Ohio stump speech.

“Last night, Trump said he was going to fire, Dr. Fauci. Isn’t that wonderful,” Biden said at a drive-in rally in Cleveland, calling the president’s response to the pandemic a “disgrace.”

“I got a better idea. Elect me and I’m gonna hire Dr. Fauci and we’re gonna fire Donald Trump!” he went on to honks of approval.

The remarks follow a rally on Sunday evening where Trump suggested that he would dismiss the respected infectious disease expert following the election when the chant “Fire Fauci” broke out in the Florida crowd.

But during his 22-minute Election Eve rally, Biden also got repeatedly tongue-tied, confusing Generation X with Generation Z and forgetting the name of George Floyd’s young daughter, Gianna, while addressing racial violence.

“You know, I’ve met with all these families. I met with those Floyds, the little girl, I think she was 6 years old,” the former veep said following Floyd’s death at the hands of white police officers in May.

“I knelt down to be at eye level with her. She looked at me, she said, I swear to God, said, ‘Mr. Vice President, my daddy is going to change the world. My dad is going to change the world,’” he went on without uttering Gianna’s name.

“I’m not gonna forget, you’re not gonna forget, this country’s not gonna forget. This is gonna inspire a new wave of justice in America,” he said.

“Guess what? Because we have the X Generation, I mean the Z Generation, that in fact is the most open, least prejudiced, best-educated generation American history, they’re already moving, they’re already insisting on justice.”

Gen X is the demographic cohort born between 1965 and 1980 and are currently between 40 and 55 years old.

Gen Z, the youngest demographic, were born between 1997 and 2015 and are currently between 8 and 23 years old.

Fauci, the long-serving director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has drawn the ire of the Trump administration for his repeated criticism of their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic which has so far infected 9.2 million Americans.

Trump has the power to fire executive branch officials but since Fauci is a civil servant who has held the role since 1984, the president would need to order Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar to dismiss him.

The White House lashed into Fauci over the weekend after he told the Washington Post the nation was in for “a whole lot of hurt” from COVID-19 this fall and winter.

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