Amazing photos show entire house entombed just days after ‘ice tsunami’ swept through area

The shocked owners of the property, at Ramona Beach in Pulaski, New York, couldn't believe their eyes when they arrived to find it totally encased in ice.

Berta Smith, who is friends with the homeowners, said the house and its immediate surroundings are now entombed in "four feet" of frozen water.

High winds have torn throughout the east of the US all week, cutting power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses, closing schools, and pushing mounds of ice onto the shores of Lake Erie.

Wind gusts of 90mph and higher were reported around the region, including in West Virginia and New York.

On Mount Washington, the Northeast's highest peak of 6,288 feet (1,916 meters) in New Hampshire, a gust of 144 mph was recorded.

Giant chunks of ice also spilled over the banks of the Niagara River across from Buffalo at the weekend, creating a jagged, frosty barrier between the waterway and a scenic road.

Dramatic footage captured by park police in Ontario showed the massive chunks roiling onto the shore.

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