Amanda and Clive Owen's son Reuben, 18, is set for the big time
15th April 2023

The REAL star of Our Yorkshire Farm! How Amanda and Clive Owen’s son Reuben, 18, is set for the big time and could be signed up for I’m a Celebrity, Dancing on Ice or dating shows – and even make it in the US

Reuben Owen is expected to become a standout TV star in his own right after his father Clive Owen stepped down from their spin-off show Beyond The Yorkshire Farm.

The 19-year-old has appeared in the Channel 5 series which began after Our Yorkshire Farm ended following the collapse of his father’s 22-year marriage to the Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen.

Brand and culture expert Nick Ede told MailOnline that he expects Reuben to become a household name as his father Clive moves aside after splitting from his mother. Spin-offs and other reality TV show opportunities beckon, he predicted. 

Viewers have fallen in love with the handsome young farmer and his warm relationship with his parents and eight siblings, especially his younger brother Sidney.

Mr Ede said Reuben is one of the ‘break out stars’ of 2023 and more spin-offs will surely follow.

‘Reuben could have his own show as he navigates his life in his early 20s or we could see him popping up on a reality show like I’m a Celeb or Dancing on Ice’, he said.

Spin-off: TV farmer Clive Owen, 68, starred in the breakout series with his son Reuben, 19, after his 22-year marriage to wife Amanda, 48, collapsed. He has walked away and his son is set to be the main star

Split: Amanda confirmed she had separated from her husband of 21 years Clive, 68, last summer, they share nine children together (pictured in 2020) 

Reuben, 18, (pictured with his girlfriend Sarah) delighted viewers with his farming knowledge and enthusiasm, so much so, that after five seasons on Our Yorkshire Farm, he joined father Clive, 67, on a spin-off show

Reuben’s girlfriend Sarah Dow also features in the show and the couple have been together now for over a year.

Nick Ede says a show about their relationship, especially if they got engaged, adding: ‘He could possible do a dating show if he splits from his girlfriend like the hit US TV show Farmer Wants a Wife’.

Reuben is Clive and Amanda Owen’s eldest son and delighted viewers with his farming knowledge as the show followed a new digging business venture he set up with his father.

He has been praised for learning to birth lambs, plough fields and hand-feed cows from a very young age. Beyond The Yorkshire Farm also features his best friend Tom and girlfriend Sarah Dow, whom he has been dating since December 2021.

But Clive said yesterday that he will no longer take part in the show because Reuben ‘doesn’t want me on his hands’, adding that his son will likely ‘go on on his own’.

He told ITV’s Lorraine: ‘We’ve done this thing with Reuben, it’s been great fun working with him because he’s crazy too, so we’ve had a grand time doing it.

‘I think I’m stepping back from that now. I think he’s gonna go on on his own. Because he doesn’t want me on his hands. So, I have no plans to do anything in particular, but you never know, someone might be daft enough to ask me.’

Amanda and Clive, who have nine children together, announced their separation in June last year after a ‘rocky patch’ – and last month shepherdess Amanda was pictured with Yorkshire businessman Robert Davies, who is 23 years her senior.

Amanda and Clive Owen shot to fame in 2018 when their series Our Yorkshire Farm debuted on Channel 5

Amanda was believed to have been having an affair for five years with 71-year-old businessman Robert Davies (pictured together late last month)

Reuben and Sarah – who are thought to have started dating in December 2021 – often share snaps with one another on their Instagram accounts to the delight of fans

Amanda was accused of having a secret five-year affair – but Clive said his marriage had broken down because of his drinking and failure to support his wife. He also said he struggled to adjust to the success they achieved with their Our Yorkshire Farm.

Mr Davies’s devastated fifth wife, Yasumi, whom he married in 2011, claimed the couple had been having a secret affair since 2018. It came to light when Mrs Davies reportedly discovered a love note from Amanda in her husband’s car.

Mr Davies’s fourth wife Jan Coates said their marriage had broken down because he ‘had an affair’, warning Amanda to ‘be very careful and think about your children’.

Amanda made her first TV appearance alongside Clive in 2011 on ITV’s The Dales, before they landed their own Channel 5 show, Our Yorkshire Farm, in 2018.

However, in June, following months of rumours regarding the state of their marriage, Amanda and Clive issued a joint statement on social media saying they had made ‘the difficult decision to separate’.

She met her husband in 1996 when he was already divorced with two children, after she arrived at his farm as a 21-year-old trainee shepherdess.

The couple were married soon after, with five children quickly following.

They first appeared on TV as regulars on Adrian Edmondson’s 2011 ITV documentary series The Dales alongside the Reverend Ann Chapman, the vicar of four small churches, and a number of other people living in the Yorkshire Dales.

The public were quick to fall for the couple and their unusual love story, dubbing them the ‘Kardashians of the Countryside’.

They began making further media appearances and did interviews about their family, with Amanda opening up about life as a mother-of-nine.

In November 2015, the family appeared in an episode of Channel 5’s New Lives In The Wild UK with Ben Fogle.

By this stage, Amanda was picking up her own media appearances, as well as releasing her first book The Yorkshire Shepherdess.

In 2017, she released a further tome A Year in the Life of the Yorkshire Shepherdess and appeared on BBC Radio 4’s The Museum of Curiosity.

The popularity of the family led to their own observational documentary series following life on the Owens’ farm on Channel 5 called Our Yorkshire Farm, which started in 2018.

It quickly became a hit, and was one of the channel’s most popular programmes with over three million viewers watching each episode.

The show was axed five months after their separation was announced, with Channel 5 saying that Beyond The Yorkshire Farm would replace it.

 Amanda and Clive (pictured with their children)  – who were married in 2000 – met in 1996 when he was already divorced with two children, after she arrived at his farm as a 21-year-old trainee shepherdess

Speaking about their split on ITV’s Lorraine yesterday, Clive, 68, said he had had ‘a massive part to play’ because he ‘behaved badly towards’ his wife.

He said: ‘One of the things I hear is ‘poor Clive’ and I feel that isn’t right. We filmed Our Yorkshire Farm… people loved it and… Amanda’s plan was – we don’t own the farm – security.

‘We had this plan to make it more secure as a family, so that was what drove her. It was amazing and successful.’

But Clive said he ‘handled it very badly’ and ‘sadly made a right mess of things’. He continued: ‘I had a massive part to play in our relationship ending.

‘When all this was going on, here I am ranting and raving and drinking and carrying on. I don’t know – jealousy.

‘She was committed and we were all committed but it seemed to eat away at me and I handled it badly and behaved badly towards her.

‘I should have been supportive and I was doing the absolute opposite… We got to a point where we couldn’t get along at all so we parted… very sad but that’s how it is.’

Clive said he has decided to set the record straight because Mrs Owen, 48, has endured a ‘tough time’ following reports about her fling with Mr Davies, 71.

They were first pictured together last month in Folkestone, Kent, where Mrs Owen was speaking at an ‘evening with’ event.

Ex-model Mrs Owen is believed to have met Mr Davies through his work on her website in 2018. He is also a part-time funding co-ordinator at Ryedale Special Families, a charity which provides support for people with disabled children.

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