Alton Towers gives first look at its terrifying new ride for 2023
24th January 2023

Alton Towers unveils terrifying new haunted house ride called The Curse which is set to open in 2023 with backstory featuring manor’s ‘sinister past’

  • Alton Towers’ creepy new haunted mansion attraction will open in the spring 
  • Park bosses promise it will feature never-before-seen special effects and visuals

Alton Towers has revealed its terrifying new attraction set to give visitors to the theme park a scare this year. 

‘The Curse At Alton Manor’ will be the resort’s ‘most immersive dark ride to date’ when it at some point in spring this year. 

And Alton Towers has today revealed the first spine-tingling glimpse of the new haunted house, as excitement over the park’s new addition ramps up on social media. 

In a single image, a terrified family can be seen sat in a small vehicle heading towards the entrance of the creepy manor. In the spooky shot, a young child can be seen covering her eyes as haunting clowns and dolls rise from the mist.

The spooktastic new ride will be opening in spring – with park bosses promising it will feature ‘special effects and visuals that have never been seen before from a UK theme park’

Alton Towers is expected to reveal more details about its new attraction soon. Pictured is the entrance to the resort 

Park bosses have yet to confirm the exact opening date or theme of the ride, but have promised it will include ‘the backstory of the Manor’s sinister past’.  

Those seeking to brave the attraction will be treated with ‘special effects and visuals that have never been seen before from a UK theme park’.

A notice on Alton Towers’ website adds: ‘The Curse at Alton Manor. A haunting dark ride, taking you on a hair-raising journey through the spectacular twist and turns of the cursed Manor.

‘Coming, ready or not! The abandoned Alton Manor, repossessed under mysterious circumstances, will be inviting you inside. Have your wits about you as you ride deeper into the historic Manor.’

The Curse At Alton Manor will replace Duel, which closed to the public in 2022.

And to tease the opening, the park has been sending out spooky gifts to some people, which included a jack-in-the-box which pops open to reveal a ghostly-looking doll’s head. 

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