Actress Kristy Swanson hospitalized with COVID-19: 'Prayers for me please'
2nd November 2021

Kristy Swanson was hospitalized on Monday for COVID-19-related pneumonia. The 51-year-old actress has been openly skeptical of COVID vaccines and critical of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease official.

Swanson, best known for playing Buffy in the 1992 Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, asked for prayers as she was taken to a New Jersey hospital by ambulance. The conservative actress said she was at the "tail end of my COVID diagnosis" when her oxygen levels dropped. She tweeted she's "OK" as she thanked first responders and hospital staff.

Thank you all for the prayers it truly means a lot to me. I can feel it 🤗. Just little more clarification & update, I was just at the tail end of my Covid diagnosis when it jumped into my lungs. So they are treating me with Baricitinib & blood thinners so I don’t clot. I’m ok.

— Kristy Swanson (@KristySwansonXO) November 1, 2021

Virtua memorial in Mount Holly NJ has been incredible. They are so on top it and have a wonderful staff. My night nurse is Rose and I love her because she takes care of me and that’s my moms name 🌹The paramedics in NJ are super pro, friggin amazing and hot AF! I’m doing great ❤️

— Kristy Swanson (@KristySwansonXO) November 1, 2021

On Tuesday, Swanson said her oxygen levels were improving.

My oxygen level was at 92 yesterday, now I’m at 95 today! And I found pressed powder and lipgloss in my purse 😃💄💃🏼

— Kristy Swanson (@KristySwansonXO) November 2, 2021

As news broke about Swanson's COVID-19 diagnosis — The New York Post tweeted an article with the headline "Anti-vax 'Obamagate' actor Kristy Swanson hospitalized with COVID" — she replied that she's not "anti-vax." It's unclear if she is vaccinated, though.

Fact Check: 🚨 I have NEVER said I am anti-vax.

— Kristy Swanson (@KristySwansonXO) November 1, 2021

In September, Swanson compared COVID-19 to the flu. She is still a big supporter of former President Donald Trump and has slammed vaccine and mask mandates.

Oh I see, so it behaves just like the flu. Every year a new flew strain arises & a new vaccine comes out for it, if you want to get one. That’s exactly what this whole thing is, except this time they want to mandate vaccines so they can make mo-money 🤑🙄

— Kristy Swanson (@KristySwansonXO) September 29, 2021

Fellow actors Jon Cryer and Alyssa Milano, who are the opposite end of the political spectrum, tweeted well-wishes to Swanson. (Milano, who previously battled the virus, is a COVID "long hauler.") Other Twitter users were not as kind. Swanson engaged with some people online who called her out for spreading vaccine skepticism.

"I pray that you get well enough to apologize to the people taking care of you for adding to their burden by not getting vaccinated. And that you then spread the word that others should not make your same mistake. Feel better soon," one person tweeted.

"What do you know about my medical or Covid history?" Swanson replied. The actress did not confirm her vaccination status.

What do you know about my medical or Covid history? I’ll wait.

— Kristy Swanson (@KristySwansonXO) November 1, 2021

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