2-year-old boy dead after botched circumcision at migrant center
27th December 2018

A toddler has died after a botched circumcision at a refugee camp in Italy, according to the BBC.

The 2-year-old son of a Nigerian migrant was undergoing the procedure when the doctor called for emergency assistance after the child began bleeding profusely, The Telegraph reports. The boy later died of severe blood loss.

The boy’s twin brother was also being circumcised and remains in critical condition in a Rome hospital as a result of his own wounds.

The boys’ mother, who has not been named, gave birth to the boys in Italy in January 2017. She reportedly has five other children in Nigeria.

Despite being a practicing Catholic, the mother had requested the circumcisions for the boys out of respect for Nigeria’s Islamic traditions, where the procedure is commonplace.

The migrant center where the circumcisions took place is run by Acri, a nonprofit focused on supporting refugees, and is funded by a local council in the town of Monterondo, a suburb of Rome where the camp is located.

In a statement on Facebook, Acri said: “It is a tragedy that leaves us speechless.”

The nonprofit added that it would be taking civil legal action once authorities had determined who was responsible.

Italian police have arrested a 66-year-old man, and prosecutors have charged him with murder in relation to the case, the BBC reported, citing Italian media.

The man is an American citizen of Libyan origin, according to Italian wire service Ansa.

It is not clear if the man arrested was the doctor who performed the procedure.

Authorities have also been questioning the medical credentials of the doctor.

Circumcisions are not permitted in public health institutions in Italy, yet an estimated 5,000 are performed each year with as many as 35 percent being done illegally in the country.

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