You Can Win Your Own Dundie Award from 'The Office' with This Customizable Funko Pop
11th January 2021

And the Dundie for Best New Office Merch goes to… Funko!

Any fan of The Office will surely remember the Dundie Awards, the annual employee-appreciation awards ceremony (hosted at Chili's) invented by Steve Carrell's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Regional Manager Michael Scott. In the first episode of the second season, titled "The Dundies," Michael hands out a number of cringeworthy awards to his employees, from "Hottest in the Office" (Ryan Howard) to Kevin Malone's "Don't Go in There After Me."  

Like many Office moments, the absurd and embarrassing nature of "The Dundies" has since made the award an iconic series highlight for fans. And now, those who want to own their own trophy (or send one to a coworker) can do so with Funko Pop's figurine of a Dundie. The vinyl figure is exclusively available on Amazon and can even be customized. 

Released a week ago, Funko's Dundie Award Pop is a miniature 5.5-inch version of the real thing, with the gold figurine carrying its briefcase atop the red striped pedestal. To customize, simply write down your chosen category or recipient's name on the dedicated space on the plaque with a marker. Even though it's brand new on Amazon, reviewers have already deemed the collectible an "awesome gift for fans of The Office."

Of course, the Dundie Award Funko Pop is not the only merchandise from the brand related to The Office: Figurines of the ensemble cast, from John Krasinski's Jim Halpert to Melora Hardin's chaotic Jan Levinson holding her Serenity With Jan candle and a glass of wine (from masterpiece episode "The Dinner Party") remain popular as ever.

Fans who want to own their own mini Dundie should order quick — popular Funko Pops are known to sell out in a flash on Amazon, and this vinyl figurine is already a top-seller on Amazon's charts. Order the figurine below and rewatch "The Dundies" (or every episode of The Office) at its new home on NBC's new streaming platform, Peacock TV.

Buy It! The Office Amazon Exclusive Customizable Chrome Dundie Award Funko Pop, $12.99;

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