Yellowstone star shares character fears in season 4 ‘Everyone’s scared Rip will hang them’
25th September 2021

Yellowstone stars tease what’s to come in season four

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John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) will be on the warpath when Yellowstone season four rolls around on November 7 – if he survives the deadly ambush from the season three finale, of course. With him, daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly) and son Kayce (Luke Grimes) all facing a possible exit, the Paramount show’s trailers have all but confirmed it will be left to trusty rancher Rip (Cole Hauser) to get to the bottom of who attacked the Duttons in such a brutal way. And Rip isn’t the only one who’s set for an action-packed storyline – enter Garrett Randall (Will Patton).

Garrett was introduced to Yellowstone viewers towards the end of season three as Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) got to the bottom of his true bloodline.

Upon discovering he was adopted by John and Evelyn, Jamie set out to discover what happened to his real parents when he tracked down Garrett.

Garrett came clean about the circumstances which led to Jamie’s real mother’s death and why he ended up in the Duttons’ care – and with the Yellowstone newcomer featuring heavily in the season four promo, it’s an arc bound to continue. caught up with the man behind Garrett to see what lies ahead for him and Jamie and the rest of Montana in the highly anticipated new season.

“Well, you know, we were the first to go back to work,” Patton began as he discussed filming the new series amid the Covid pandemic. 

“And so everybody was just beginning this thing of masks and constant testing and never seeing anyone’s face except the actors while the camera was rolling. 

“We were trying to get these scenes shot in the summer of 2020. So it was very, very high stakes beyond what was high stakes in the story.

“It was like, ‘how are we gonna survive Covid?’ Everybody was kind of taking a chance to go back at that moment and try.”

But what can fans expect on-screen in season four? Patton remained tight-lipped but did reveal there’s one man everyone fears.

“Well, if you know Taylor (Sheridan) [showrunner], it’s gonna be hard-hitting (laughs). 

“Not many people are involved with forgiveness on that show. You don’t want to offend anybody on that show. That’s all I know to say right now (laughs).”

Patton went on: “Everybody who comes on that show is afraid they’re going to be hung upside down naked by Rip.”

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So will Rip get his hands on Garrett in season four or will John’s trusty righthand man have other targets in his sight?

Whatever happens, Patton had admitted fans may need to alter their expectations.

“You never quite know what’s going to happen in this series even though they say, ‘This is probably what’s going to happen’, You never quite, with this series, you never know where you’re really going to go,” he said.

“So for me, it was surprising as we went along where it went.”

Patton has also made a return to screen prior to Yellowstone’s return in big-screen drama, Sweet Thing.

Sweet Thing is a tough tale of two teens, Billie (Lana Rockwell) and Nico (Nico Rockwell), as they struggle with life between their alcoholic father Adam (Patton) and wild mother Eve (Karyn Parsons).

On a road of self-discovery, the youngsters end up on a wild trek across Massachusetts, USA, and leave their chaotic lives behind them.

Sweet Thing takes viewers to the toughest pits of despair while still providing tear-jerking moments of hope as Billie and Nico’s love for one another and their family comes to the forefront.

Yellowstone season 4 premieres on the Paramount Network in the USA on Sunday, November 7. A UK release date is yet to be announced.
Sweet Thing is available on digital download and in UK and Ireland cinemas now.

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