Yellowstone animal cruelty sparks fan outrage
12th December 2022

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This year’s gripping season of Yellowstone has ramped up the political tension after John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) became the unconventional new governor of Montana. In episode six on the Paramount Network last Sunday, preparations are made for a visit from the President, and Mo (Mo Brings Plenty) and the Broken Rock Reservation are devastated by an unexpected attack.

Several viewers were distraught when the latest episode of Yellowstone opened with the brutal killing of several Broken Rock Reservation dogs.

The Reservation is visited by a small military force in the episode’s introduction, who quickly set about scanning the land to prepare for the POTUS’ arrival.

However, this also involved killing several dogs who had wandered from their homes, leading the armed men to wrongly assume they were strays.

Although fans can rest assured no actual animals were harmed for the scene, the sight of several dogs being gunned down wasn’t a pleasant start to their Sunday night.

Twitter user @KMontyofCal fumed: “Season five was beginning to suck… all politics, now that you’ve shot innocent dogs as entertainment… it totally sucks.”

@SterlingBowells wrote: “I was sickened and disappointed by the over-the-top scene with law enforcement so callously shooting dogs in front yards of Indian residents.

“I realise this is fiction, but Yellowstone attempts believability, therefore modern, inflammatory scenes should too.”

Meagan Jacobson Kaser posted: “Yellowstone dog scene…not it.”

“Despite being a huge dog lover- felt weird, cheap, and unnecessary for shock value. Poor acting to go along with it. That writing was not it.”

“R.I.P. Emmett,” @Starstruck3160 said, referring to the equally sad death of Buck Taylor’s character.

“And all those poor rez dogs. That was gross and unnecessary.”

Wendy Frederick exclaimed: “I was freaking out watching Yellowstone tonight!”

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“These horrible agents landed on tribal land and started shooting dogs that they claimed were strays! They were someone’s pets!!!”

And Will Agner said: “I’ve put up with fake cowboys and fake Montana and stupid s**t on Yellowstone but I think I’m drawing the line at shooting rez dogs.”

Amongst plenty of other violent moments throughout the series, some Yellowstone fans clearly believe taking out innocent animals is a step too far.

In the episode, Mo tries to plead with the military squad by insisting the animals are people’s pets who are free to roam on the reservation.

He presents his tribal police badge and calls in Broken Rock chief Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) for back-up, but a shocking discovery is made.

They soon realise Angela Blue Thunder (Q’orianka Kilcher) was actually behind the massacre and has become the President’s director of Native American affairs to convince him to endorse John’s governorship.

John manages to sidestep any criticism for avoiding the President’s calls thanks to a heartfelt moment with Emmett’s widow, but the POTUS will undoubtedly keep hounding him as the series continues.

Yellowstone season 5 continues Sundays on the Paramount Network in the USA and the following Monday on Paramount+.

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