'Y: The Last Man': Why Fans 'Should Worry' About Agent 355, According to Ashley Romans
2nd October 2021

Y: The Last Man fans shouldn’t put all their trust into Agent 355 just yet. Ashley Romans, the actor behind the mysterious undercover operative, thinks Agent 355’s fierce loyalty to her agency and her mission to protect Yorick could lead to some dangerous decisions. Here’s what Romans said about her character in the FX series, including a warning that fans “should worry” about Agent 355 going forward.

[Spoiler alert: The following story contains spoilers for Y: The Last Man Episodes 1 through 5.]

Where did Agent 355 come from?

Y: The Last Man, based on Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s DC Comics series, depicts a post-apocalyptic world after any person with a Y chromosome drops dead. As the new President of the United States, Jennifer Brown (Diane Lane) must maintain order in the country as millions of people mourn their loved ones and shout about a government conspiracy. However, things become more complicated when she learns that her son, Yorick (Ben Schnetzer), was the only person with a Y chromosome to survive.

Enter Agent 355. Her secret government agency, the Culper Ring, transferred her to security detail at the White House just before the event happened. Now, Brown has tasked Agent 355 with protecting Yorick.

Very little is known about Agent 355 so far, but she does meet a fellow agent in episode 5. During her trip with Yorick to Boston, Agent 355 sneaks away to a safe house, where Agent 525 (Lou Jurgens) is already hiding. Viewers learn that Agent 525 had also been transferred to a new location just before the event — a very suspicious coincidence. Can Agent 355 trust the Culper Ring, and can viewers trust Agent 355?

Ashley Romans thinks ‘Y: The Last Man’ fans should feel cautious about Agent 355

According to Romans, Agent 355’s willingness to do anything to protect Yorick could become dangerous.

“Audiences, for sure, should worry. 355 is scary, and she’s a person with her back against the wall. And I think with all these characters, you see how savage people can be when their back is against the wall, and their survival is at stake,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

Already, viewers have seen how far Agent 355 is willing to go. She caused a helicopter crash, killing two military pilots to keep them from telling anyone about Yorick’s survival. Romans revealed that Y: The Last Man cut a few moments from that scene “where 355 gaslights Yorick and says, ‘No, I didn’t do it. But if I had done it, it would have been worth it.’”

“[Agent 355 believes] it’s within her rights to do what she has to do for them,” Romans added. “And that is a very questionable way to view anything.”  

Ashley Romans says Agent 355 ‘doesn’t know what she’s doing’

Without the Culper Ring to guide her, Romans said Agent 355 “doesn’t know what she’s doing,” which is also something to be feared. After meeting Agent 525, 355 isn’t sure what to think about the agency.

“She’s not sure if they’re good people. And she’s not sure if they had anything to do with the event,” Romans told ET. “She has a lot of questions that’s really going to challenge her identity as an agent.” 

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