X Factor Celebrity: Megan McKenna performance leaves viewers confused
19th October 2019

X Factor Celebrity put famous faces through their paces, as they had to sing in front of Nicole Scherzinger, Louis Walsh, Simon Cowell, as well as panel of music industry experts. As Megan McKenna was one of the contestants to make it through to the live shows, fans were quick to question whether she should have been allowed on the show. 

Since leaving The Only Way is Essex, Megan has pursued a career in singing, after she starred in her only reality series There’s Something About Megan, which focused on her travels to Nashville to establish herself as a country artist.

Viewers were left confused as to why Megan needed to be on the programme if as it appeared she had already had success with a career in the music industry.

Fans of the show took to Twitter to express their confusion after she revealed she was performing a song from her upcoming album. 

One questioned her appearance on the show: “Hang on, how is Megan McKenna on celebrity X factor? I swear she already has a record label and released music recently, isn’t that cheating?’


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Another said: “I thought Megan McKenna has a record contract already didn’t she do a show about it? If so she shouldn’t be on the live shows #CelebrityXFactor”

A third tweeted: “I thought she already had a record deal for her country and western music, must have been dropped by so many, but she was so good.”

“Hasn’t Megan McKenna already got a singing career a record deal?” asked another. 

Justifying her appearance on the show, she said on the show this evening: “Obviously I sing, and I’ve been recording in the past but it’s never been on the scale of what it could be… this is for a major record label.”

“In the past I’ve had a very small independent label help me do an album and I’m so grateful for that but as anybody in the music industry knows, that is down there.” 

Talking prior to her audition, she called it “the biggest opportunity I’ve ever had in [her] whole life” before performing a song she had written herself. 

“I would love to be able to just do this full time, to get a recording contract by the Simon Cowell, it’s something I’ve always dreamed of,” she told viewers. 

Coming face to face with the panel, she explained why she was on the competition: “This is honestly a massive deal for me, my passion is with music and writing my own music so I’m going to sing an original for you guys tonight.

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“This song’s called Everything But You, I wrote it a few years ago… I put all my emotions down on paper, I hope you enjoy my story.” 

Megan impressed with her vocals, and she was sent through to the live shows, in which she would be mentored by Louis Walsh. 

Other acts to make it through included former Glee star Kevin McHale, the Love Islanders [a group of 2018 Love Island contestants] and US talk show host Ricki Lake. 

One act who failed to make it through was The Chase star Jenny Ryan, who wowed viewers last weekend with her vocals as she performed a song by Queen. 


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Viewers were left outraged after the judges sent her home this evening, with one fan dubbing it “the biggest TV tragedy this year” on Twitter.

Another asked: “How on earth did Ricki Lake and Martin Bashir get through instead of Jenny Ryan?! #XFactor Celebrity.”

As the celebs return to the UK for the live shows, which act will win a record contract with Simon Cowell’s label?

X Factor Celebrity continues on Saturday at 8.20pm on ITV. 

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