Will There Be Any More ‘Big Bang Theory’ & ‘Young Sheldon’ Crossovers?
10th December 2018

‘Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Young Sheldon’ crossover didn’t sit well with a lot of die hard fans.

Despite being a spin-off, Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory have two very different fan bases. As the longest-running CBS sitcom, the producers and writers have been doing everything they can to keep the loyal fans happy as The Big Bang Theory is currently airing its final season.

Notably, the series recently aired a crossover special featuring several characters from the prequel spin-off Young Sheldon. The Big Bang Theory fans made it clear from the moment the crossover was announced that they were not keen on the idea. The unhappy fans just emphasized the clear divide between fans of the two CBS series.

The biggest reason why many fans of The Big Bang Theory do not care for the Young Sheldon spin-off is because they believe it changes some of the character dynamics that they have come to know over the last 12 seasons of the series. One of the most notable issues is the difference between Sheldon’s father in Young Sheldon and in The Big Bang Theory. Grown-up Sheldon describes his father as a bit of a monster, while the Young Sheldon shows off a much gentler side.

For many die hard fans of The Big Bang Theory, the differences in character dynamics makes it impossible to enjoy Young Sheldon. These same fans that take issue with Young Sheldon and the crossover episode had one burning question – would they be forced to endure any additional crossovers before The Big Bang Theory comes to a close? Fortunately for those concerned, they won’t.

Speaking to USA Today, executive producer Steve Holland reassured fans there would not be any additional crossover episodes for the duration of the final season. This decision, however, didn’t appear to have anything to do with the fact that so many fans took issue with the crossover. It had to do with giving the main characters of the series as much screen time as possible to close out the series in the best way possible. With such a huge following, it is important for the series to end in a way that makes everyone happy.

“We don’t just want to make it a parade of grown-up guest stars from ‘Young Sheldon.’ We really want to focus on this show and these characters,” Holland explained.

With the crossover episode in the rearview mirror, there are just 14 episodes remaining before the 12th and final season of The Big Bang Theory comes to a close.

Holland believed doing any additional crossovers episodes with Young Sheldon wouldn’t allow for enough time to bring each character’s storyline to a proper ending.

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