Will there be a series 2 of Life on BBC One?
6th October 2020

NEW Drama Life may have only just kicked off on BBC One, but some fans have binged watched it already.

All six episodes are available now on the iPlayer, so some viewers are keen to know if there will be a second helping of the Alison Steadman series.

Will there be a series 2 of Life on BBC One?

Life series 1 hasn't even finished airing yet on BBC One, but is so good, viewers want more.

Unfortunately, the BBC are yet to confirm if there will be another series.

The series is proving popular, thanks to its incredible cast, so it is likely there will be a second offering.

But you could be in for a wait, as filming on most shows have been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

How does BBC's Life series 1 end?

WARNING: Contains spoilers from BBC's Life series 1

The final episode of Life was filled with high drama which saw Hannah flee her own wedding to Liam.

Instead she was seen running after a bus Andy was on and reuniting with him, her true love.

Meanwhile, Saira and David finally talked about their mutual love for his dead wife kelly.

Elsewhere, and Belle faced her demons and vowed to quit the booze and get her life together.

In a tender moment, Gail and her estranged husband Henry pretended they were meeting for the first time and got back together.

Life ended with all four leading characters coming together to celebrate Hannah not getting married at their apartment building.

How do I watch series 1 of Life?

Like we mentioned, all six episodes are on the iPlayer now.

However if you want to savour each episode, they are being aired weekly on BBC One.

Catch them every Tuesday at 9pm.

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