‘Will she go to his bedside?’ Richard Madeley slams Meghan Markle as father suffers stroke
25th May 2022

Meghan Markle hasn't seen her father after stroke says expert

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Thomas Markle, who had been planning to fly to the UK for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, has been left unable to speak after suffering a stroke. Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid spoke to royal biographer Tom Bower, who had spoken to Thomas at the weekend, about the Duchess of Sussex’s father.

Speaking about the recent conversation he had with Thomas, Tom said: “He was alright but he’d just fallen over he’d been shopping and he told me some other people had helped him stand up.

“But he’s a man who’s really had heart problems and he wasn’t feeling too good.

“On the other hand, he was very excited to come to London for the Jubilee.

“He’s in hospital,” Richard quipped. “You say at the moment he’s not able to speak and obviously the big question, apart from his immediate health issues, is his daughter going to go and see him?

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“Is she going to break this feud and go to his bedside?”

Tom replied: “I don’t know because if we knew what she was going to do it would be terrific.

“But what we do know is Meghan has always said she’s a very compassionate person and if compassion was at all necessary now it would mean she would go to her father’s bedside about two and a half hours south of where she lives and give him some comfort and reassurance. 

“We wait to see what happens.”

Susanna asked: “Do we know if she’s made any contact at all?”

“We know she hasn’t,” Tom quipped. “We know she hasn’t been in contact since just before the wedding other than the famous letter.”

“He wasn’t able to come for the wedding of course because as you say he’s suffered issues with his heart before then,” Susanna continued. 

“So when you spoke to him at the weekend Tom what was that for?

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“You’re writing a book about Harry and Meghan, what was Thomas’ feeling about the state of his relationship with Meghan.

“I know a lot of people are very critical, there are also people sympathetic because sometimes relationships break down in families. 

“People should not be forced to reconcile if that’s not something they can feel they can do.

“I know this presents different circumstances now but what was his view on the current state of their relationship?”

The royal biographer revealed the Duchess of Sussex’s father was “very upset”.

“He was a very loving father to Meghan and supported her throughout her childhood when her mother wasn’t there and paid for her student fees too,” Tom explained. 

He noted Thomas was “upset” he hadn’t been able to see his grandchildren and was hoping to see his daughter during his planned visit to the UK next month. 

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