Why did Liz Carr leave Silent Witness as Clarissa Mullery?
6th September 2021

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Liz played Clarissa for seven years from 2013 to 2020 and the actress had starred in 79 episodes of Silent Witness before she left. She was a forensic examiner at the Lyell Centre and became one of the strongest members of the team due to her skills of intellect. Fans across the world were left heartbroken when they discovered the character was going to be bowing out of the BBC drama. But why did Liz decide to leave such a role?

Why did Liz Carr leave Silent Witness?

As season 24 begins this evening, there will be a stark difference to the show as fans will notice Clarissa is no longer present.

This is because Liz left the show at the end of the season 23 finale entitled, The Greater Good, which also saw Dr Thomas Chamberlain (played by Richard Lintern) killed off.

After seeing so much heartache over the years, Clarissa told the team it was time for her to “focus less on the dead and more on the living”.

It was announced prior to her last appearance Liz would be leaving the show after eight years as she issued a statement.

The actress explained the reason she was quitting was because she wanted to explore new avenues with her career.

In a statement, the actress said: “After eight years of getting to play the fabulous character, Clarissa Mullery, I’ve decided it’s time to leave Silent Witness.

“To quote Clarissa, ‘I just know, deep down – that it’s time for me to move on, to focus less on the dead and more on the living. On life.’

“Originally only employed for four episodes as Jack [Hodgson’s] sidekick, I am incredibly proud that I leave as a main character in one of the BBC’s landmark dramas.

“Silent Witness has given me such an amazing opportunity to develop as an actor but I know this is the right time to take a leap of faith, leaving what I know and seeing what other opportunities await

Silent Witness is such an amazing opportunity

Liz Carr

“It has been a rollercoaster of a ride but I feel I’m leaving on an exhilarating high,” Liz explained ahead of her exit.

“I will very much miss the other Lyell regulars – Emilia, David and Richard along with my on-screen husband, Dan Weyman.

“I have loved working alongside them for the past eight series and I leave knowing I have their love and support for my decision.

“My hugest thanks goes out to the audiences and fans who have followed me and Clarissa over the years. Without your love for the character, I doubt I’d have made it through my first series!”

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“I hope you’ll understand why we felt it was time to leave and that you’ll continue your support for Silent Witness whilst hopefully following me in all my future adventures,” Liz added.

Taking to Twitter last February, viewers have voiced their devastation over her departure, with one writing: “Sad. Going to miss the Clarissa and Jack double act, too – really enjoyed the interaction between them @thelizcarr #SilentWitness.”

Another posted: “So sorry to see Liz Carr no longer in Silent Witness. She was really good. Shall miss you Liz Carr, great actress.”

Whilst a third remarked: “Oh my goodness just watched the last Silent Witness brilliance as always heartbreaking you were the best ever team! Liz Carr you cannot leave…love this.”

What is Liz Carr doing after leaving Silent Witness?

Liz has appeared in a Hollywood film with Mark Wahlberg called Infinite since she left the show, playing the role of a character named Garrick.

It was also announced earlier this year she would be featuring in a couple of episodes of Netflix’s The Witcher.

The Silent Witness star will portray the role of Fenn, opposite Simon Callow who will play the role of Codringher.

This is the actresses first role since leaving the BBC drama in 2020 due to the restrictions placed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Silent Witness begins tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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