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12th October 2022

IT won't be long till the fifth season of The Crown lands on our screens.

The new series brings a fresh cohort of famous faces, one of which will take on the role of King Charles.

Who plays King Charles in The Crown?

Dominic West will be playing King Charles for the final two seasons of the Netflix drama The Crown.

The actor is best known for his role as a Baltimore cop in the American television series The Wire. 

West is a familiar face on both the big and small screen having appeared in 300, Chicago, Mona Lisa Smile, Pride, Finding Dory, and 2018's Tomb Raider remake.

He also featured in Downton Abbey 2 as Guy Dexter.

He married landscape architect Catherine FitzGerald in 2010 and they share three children together.

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Who has played King Charles in The Crown before?

Charles was previously played by Billy Jenkins, Julian Baring and Josh O'Connor.

Billy played him in the first two seasons as a child.

Julian also played Charles in the second season, taking on the character’s first major storyline.

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Josh O'Connor then took on the role in the third and fourth seasons, becoming one of the main characters in the show.

Speaking about his role to The Guardian in November 2020, Josh said: "If my career ends tomorrow, and everyone says, 'We just couldn’t buy him as anything else but Prince Charles', well, it would be a bit damning.

"But I wouldn't be so disappointed. I've had a good run."

What are the main storylines about King Charles in The Crown?

Charles is involved in several major storylines in The Crown, starting with his attendance at Gordonstoun school in the second season.

Most of these involve his turbulent marriage to Princess Diana, which dominates the fourth and fifth seasons.

The following storylines are FICTION based on fact and are NOT true accounts of what happened in real life.

Gordonstoun Trauma

Prince Philip sends Charles to Gordonstoun – a school in Moray, Scotland – despite The Queen wanting him to go to Eton.

Philip had attended Gordonstoun himself and believed it would give Charles a fine, humble start to adulthood.

The youngster struggles at the tough school – and is berated by his father as a result – but manages to complete his education.

Investiture of Wales

Despite enjoying his studies at Cambridge, Charles is sent to study in Wales for a term ahead of his investiture as the Prince of Wales.

He is taught the language by Tedi Millward – a Welsh nationalist – and delivers his investiture speech in Welsh.

In the speech, Charles includes expressions of support for Wales, which annoys his mother.

The Queen tells her son that he cannot express personal opinions.

Relationship with Camilla

At the end of the third season, Charles is in a love triangle with Camilla Shand and her boyfriend Andrew Parker Bowles.

In the same episode, it is revealed Charles has been writing to the Duke of Windsor – aka King Edward VIII – the abdicated monarch.

Charles' relationship with Camilla is ruined when he is sent overseas for eight months and she goes on to marry Andrew.

Marriage to Diana

Charles gets engaged to Diana but is still having an affair with Camilla, who later encourages him to go ahead with the marriage.

The marriage is rocky from the outset, with Charles jealous of Diana's new-found fame.

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The couple have two children – William and Harry – but are unfaithful to each other and are on the verge of divorce.

Season five will include the dissolution of Charles and Diana's marriage and Diana's death.

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