Who is leaving EastEnders and do Max and Kush die?
13th January 2021

EastEnders characters leave in a variety of ways over the years. Past characters have been killed, they’ve gone to prison or they’ve left Walford behind them to start a new life elsewhere. But who is leaving and when?

2021 has only just begun, so it’s possible there could be some more surprise character exits as we get further into the year, but who is currently on the list for their final scenes to air in the coming months? And with Max (Jake Wood) and Kush’s (Davood Ghadami) exits already confirmed, will they be killed in their final moments?

Max Branning

Max Branning has been unlucky in love for what feels like forever! Recently he was rejected once more after Linda (Kellie Bright) declined his offer to fly to New Zealand with him, but as Ian’s (Adam Woodyatt) attacker has already been identified, what happens to Max in his final few scenes is currently a mystery. We’ve had some surprise twists over the last few weeks, anything is a possibility when it comes to Max…

However, with Jack (Scott Maslen) occupied with Denise (Diane Parish) and his own children, could Max take himself off to New Zealand after all to start a new life with Lauren and Louie? He hasn’t exactly been superdad over the past few years, could Max finally decide it’s time to be there for his daughter?

Jake Wood has confirmed that the door is being left open for Max to return so thankfully the character won’t die.

Kush Kazemi

Kush has found himself into quite a mess lately. With what started as a gambling addiction storyline has spiralled into something Kush is struggling to manage. He tried to kidnap Arthur and is currently living with Ruby (Louisa Lytton) and Martin (James Bye), but with Kush’s court hearing coming up, it’s looking likely his last moments will involve him facing his new life behind bars.

The market stall owner has already attempted to go on the run with Arthur, but his guilt (and the fact that he’s not cut out for a life of crime) got the better of him and returned home. Even though Kush may not leave with Arthur, he’s lost so much in his life, could he try and prevent himself from going to prison and attempt to go on the run on his own to start a new life?

Kush has already said he’s prepared to take the fall for some of the Mitchell’s crimes in return for money to give Arthur the best upbringing, so on whether Kush gets killed off, it will certainly be unexpected twist given how much his crime story has been set up.

Katy Lewis

Time is very much running out for Katy (Simone Lahbib). Now Frankie (Rose Ayling-Ellis), Linda and Shirley (Linda Henry) all know she abused Mick (Danny Dyer), it won’t be long until her last scenes play out.

Currently, it’s unknown on whether Katy will be sent to prison. Mick doesn’t want to report her to the police at risk of not being believed, and if Katy feels she’s close to getting caught out, she could flee Walford and escape justice.

Ian Beale

While Ian’s exit has been confirmed, we know it’s not a permanent one as Adam is taking time away from the soap for other commitments. After his brutal attack, Ian is now being poisoned by Sharon (Letitia Dean), totally oblivious to the fact that she was the person behind his attack. Sharon is prepared to do whatever it takes to destroy Ian, but if the guilt gets the better of her and she starts to crack, could Ian figure out what Sharon is doing and run away from Walford to save himself?

Stacey Slater

Lacey Turner’s second pregnancy was announced a while ago, which means Stacey will be leaving the show soon so Lacey can begin her maternity leave. Stacey’s exit scenes haven’t been hinted at so far, but if her plan to win Martin back goes awry, could she finally realise her long-term connection with Max is worth doing something about, and leaves with him to go to New Zealand?

Or if she worries Kush could kidnap Arthur again, will she leave with him on her own instead?

With permanent and temporary exits on the way for these characters, however they leave will no doubt cause huge impacts on the rest of the Walford residents.

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