Who is Ethan Lee in Yellowstone?
19th July 2021

Yellowstone: Paramount release series four trailer

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Yellowstone season four is on the way to The Paramount Network and fans are keen for updates. The show has highlighted some fan-favourite characters over the past few weeks, with the latest announcement regarding Ethan Lee. Express.co.uk has all you need to know about Ethan Lee and who he plays.

Who is Ethan Lee in Yellowstone?

Yellowstone season four is due to release in the Fall of 2021 and fans were left on the edge of their seats after the season three finale.

The Duttons were targeted by anonymous killers and many of the characters’ lives were left hanging in the balance.

While season four hopes to answer many of the important questions, it will also introduce some fresh storylines.

The official Instagram account for the series shared a photo of the cowboy holding lasso, with the caption: “Ethan Lee FTW.”

Ethan Lee has previously starred in Free State of Jones, Trailer Park Shark and Roots.

Fans believed he may have been the new cowboy who is set to join the ranch in the fourth season.

He is in fact a stunt performer who appeared in the series back in 2018.

According to his IMDb account, the star appears as the character Ethan – a ranch hand.

He featured in the first and third seasons, with his final appearance being in the season three finale.

No information has been given as to whether he will feature in the upcoming fourth season.

Lee is mostly known for his stunt work, having performed in Emperor, Underground and NCIS: New Orleans.

He did have one previous acting role in Free State of Jones, as a wagon driver.

According to Double Diamond Equine services, Lee is the husband of Doctor Brennan Fitzgerald-Lee – an equine vet.

The official Facebook page for the company said: “Did you know that Dr Brennan’s husband (Ethan Lee) is cast on YELLOWSTONE?

“He started out as wrangler/stunt performer on Season 1 and Season 2, and then towards the end of Season 2 and all of Season 3 he is cast as one of the cowboys on the ranch and in the bunkhouse!

“Funny fact: they call him “Ethan” on the show. Dr Brennan and her husband are both SAG-AFTRA Stunt performers.” [Sic]

Viewers had mistaken him for a new, unnamed cowboy who will fall for a vet in the new episodes.

They took to Instagram to share their thoughts on the star, with one saying: “You can introduce all the hottie cowboys you want to this amazing show but if Rip ever goes I go.

“That character holds the bar when it comes to the definition of man.”

Another fan said: “HMMM not too shabby but will have to see when he opens his mouth if he can even hold a candle to Rip.” [Sic]

Viewers were keen to find out who the ranch hand was, and one responded: “He’s the new cowboy.”

However, another fan was quick to point out he had been a part of the series since the first season.

One viewer added: “One fine real cowboy and he has a beautiful family. See ya in season 4 Ethan.”

They will be sad to hear Lee will not be starring as the new cowboy in the upcoming season.

However, they may still catch a glimpse of him as the character Ethan, a background ranch hand.

In the next outing, Kathryn Kelly will be joining the cast as a vet tech named Emily.

She is expected to form a bond with the new cowboy on the ranch, but he is yet to be named officially.

The next season will hopefully shed some light on who tried to kill the Dutton family and what their motives were.

There are many theories circulating online, so this season is expected to be the most popular yet.

Yellowstone season 4 will air in Fall 2021.

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