Who is Deborah Meaden's husband Paul?
1st April 2021

DEBORAH Meaden is one of Britain's most successful businesswoman.

By her side during the growth of her staggering business empire has been Paul, her husband of nearly thirty years.

Who is Deborah Meaden's husband Paul?

Deborah married long-term boyfriend Paul in 1993.

Paul and Deborah met when he was working at her holiday company Weststar during his university break in 1985.

They separated briefly due to the fact she didn't want a family but after she took a trip to Venezuela, she returned to London and they tied the knot.

In an interview with the Telegraph in 2011 Deborah revealed that she doesn't do any housework because Paul is in charge of the "domestic chores."

She said: “I hate cleaning so as a student I used to work in a bar at night in order to pay someone to clean my flat. I’ve never told anyone that.

"I still don’t do any domestic chores; my husband Paul is in charge. It sounds terrible, doesn’t it?”

She has previously said that her "husband is a fantastic cook."

In an appearance on the Graham Norton show, Deborah said that her Strictly experience made her love dancing and her husband Paul secretly took dancing lessons so they can enjoy dancing together.

They now live together in a renovated 10-bedroom farm in Somerset.

What is his net worth?

Paul's personal net worth is not known.

However Deborah has a reported net worth of around £40 million.

She founded a luxury British artisan products brand called The Merchant Fox in 2011.

Do they have kids?

No, the couple have no children.

But they do own two cats, three dogs, six horses, three pigs, five sheep, ten chickens, six ducks and three geese.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Meaden said liked rescuing animals as she wasn't keen on anything with "too much dependency."

She said about adopting the rescue pets: "There's something in me that thinks, if I can, 'I'll give these guys a good life',

"We've got two dogs, too, but they're definitely Paul's. I'm not a dog person. They require too much attention. I don't like anything with too much dependency.

"Children are very dependent, which is probably why we never had them."

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