Who is Al Roker's daughter Courtney and when did she get married?
6th June 2021

TODAY’s show Al Roker is a proud father to three children, Courtney, Nicholas, and Leila.

The forecaster shared his sentiments in a throwback snap on social media as he marveled at how "fast time flies" prior to Courtney’s wedding day.  

Who is Al Roker's daughter Courtney and when did she get married?

Courtney Roker, 34, is the daughter of Al and Deborah Roker. 

She married Wesley Laga on Saturday, June 5, 2021 in a stunning ceremony surrounded by her loved ones.

Courtney wore a beautiful white dress and Wesley wore a black suit for the ceremony.

She shared a picture of her big day on social media, writing: "Last night was beyond anything I could ever imagine. 

"I celebrated my love for my husband and felt the love from everyone. My heart is filled with happiness and filled with joy."

Adding: "And I gotta say my husband's dance moves aint to shabby. Now on to the honeymoon."

Roker shares Courtney with ex-wife Alice Bell, who he divorced in 1994.

Courtney is a successful chef and runs her own catering business, according to Roker who told NBC News.

He dished about his daughter’s career path, saying: “Courtney was not your typical kid, in that she didn't follow the traditional path of high school in four years, then college for four years, then get a job. 

"That was all a bit of a struggle for her."

Courtney’s Instagram bio says she is a recipe developer for My Chefman and My Chef iQ.

What did Al Roker say about Courtney getting married?

Before Courtney’s wedding, Al shared his "last family photo" with his eldest daughter on Instagram. 

He wrote: wrote: "Our last #familyphoto with @ouichefroker as a single woman before her wedding to @djweslaga"

Al, Deborah, and his children stood together for a group photo in a beautiful garden. 

In another post to Courtney, he penned: “Seems like yesterday @ouichefroker was this little girl and tomorrow she’s getting married. 

"Al And Isabel Roker would have been so proud of their granddaughter."

Did Al Roker get surgery?

Roker was diagnosed with "aggressive" prostate cancer back in September of 2020.

He underwent surgery in December and returned for the first time after nine months for the morning show’s broadcast. 

For his grand return, Al delivered his weather forecast while the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree stood on display behind him.

Al said: “I gotta tell you. The last time I was on this plaza was March 13th. It feels so good!”

Upon returning to work, he told fans at the start of the show: "Great medical care and the love of friends and family, it goes a long way."

He added to his co-hosts: "I had great surgeons and a lot of love from my family. Deborah and Nick and Leila and Courtney, and a lot of you, and all of you here, just really took care of me."

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