Where was The Sister on ITV filmed?
28th October 2020

ITV's eerie new series The Sister has captivated thriller-lovers.

The spooky show tells the story of a man hiding a dark secret and was filmed in and around London.

Where was The Sister filmed?


Much of the action takes place in a modern London townhouse where Nathan and his wife live.

The location for the interior shots of the house has been identified as Woodhall Avenue in Dulwich, South-East London.


The Sister was filmed around London towards the end of 2019, concluding in late December – according to the production crew.

In need of a dark, eerie setting, most of the filming occurred overnight.

A lot of The Sister's action also takes place in an eerie woodland area.

The production team has not revealed where exactly these scenes were filmed.

Despite being on location in the capital, Russell Tovey has said that filming was gruelling at times.

He said: “We filmed most of The Sister around London. Some of the most challenging scenes were during two weeks of night shoots in the rain.

“The crew would probably say that was one of the hardest experiences of their whole careers.

“It was really tough filming those scenes at night. This was a hard
job. But it looks amazing on screen, so it was absolutely worth it."

He continued: “We had these little buggies we'd all be like up into these little buggies and we go up and down like through the woods.

“And then you go do the scene and then you get back into buggy freezing cold soaking wet go back up to the trailer dry off and it was just back and forth.

“But, looking back now it was fun, but the time it felt really hard."

He added: “We knew were doing something worthwhile because I feel as though every one of us would have walked off the job otherwise.”

The weather conditions didn't help their plight as last November was unusually rainy.

Executive producer Kate Harwood said: “It was so wet. It was so wet and so cold, you forget having had a relatively dry one and everything else but last Autumn was brutal.”

Author Neil Cross joked: “It was all driven by loathing for me then, [filming] in November, in the rain.”

Car sequence

One memorable scene in the series shows Bertie Carvel's character Bob inside a car in the woods.

The actor revealed it was this particular scene that was most challenging to shoot.

He shared: “The most challenging thing about that for me was shooting a whole sequence basically set in a car in the woods.

“We shot all the exterior stuff around the car in the woods; but all of the interior stuff in the same car in a studio at the other end of the shoot. Including scenes of leaning in and out of the car.

“Film making is always disjointed. But to be jumping in and out mid-scene, in and out of two different sets and shooting days was technically challenging.

“There is also the cold and the fact you are doing stuff which requires you to get quite dirty or wet as it was raining. It was much more like camping than film making.”

When is The Sister on ITV?

The Sister continues on Wednesday, October 28, at 9pm on ITV.

It started on Monday, October 26 and is airing on four consecutive nights, with the finale on Thursday, October 29.

All episodes will be available to watch on the ITV Hub from Monday.

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