When is The Apprentice 2018 final and who are the final candidates?
13th December 2018

But, when is the final and who are the two finalists left in the race? Here's the lowdown.

When is The Apprentice 2018 final?

The big Apprentice final will air on BBC One THIS SUNDAY (December 16) at 9 pm.

Wednesday, December 12, saw the dreaded interviews happen and two candidates fired.

Now, we will watch the installment entitled Why I Fired Them, which sees Lord Sugar reflect back on the candidates who were eliminated on Thursday, December 13.

Then we will see the finalists pitch their business ideas to Lord Sugar in a room full of industry experts.

Who are the final candidates?

The Interviews led to the firing of Daniel Elahi and Sabrina stocker, and Khadija Kalifa.

There are only two candidates left in the race now, and here is some information about them.

Sian Gabbidon

The 25-year-old is a swimwear brand owner from Leeds who often works with celebrities and celebrity stylists.

Sian says her role model is the iconic Coco Chanel who "came from nothing and worked her way to the top".

Camilla Ainsworth

The Lancashire native is the proud owner of the nut milk brand M+LKPLUS.

Camilla, 22, has climbed her way to the finals, often taking on marketing roles and sales pitches in the tasks.

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