What's the meaning behind Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande and what movies are in the music video?
10th December 2018

Thank U, Next has undoubtedly become an all-time favourite break-up anthem for many and here's all you need to know about it.

What's the meaning behind Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande?

The princess of pop with countless awards under her belt has released yet another hit song.

Thank U, Next was released on November 3, 2018 as the lead single of her upcoming fifth studio album with the same name.

It climbed to number one in numerous countries including the United Kingdom and the United States in no time.

The song is all about Ariana's ex-boyfriends and the realisations she's had in the aftermaths of those relationships.

Talking about her relationship with musician Big Sean, she confesses: "Thought I'd end up with Sean, but he wasn't a match".

She goes onto Ricky, her former backup dancer, and shares: "Wrote some songs about Ricky, now I listen and laugh".

As for her recent engagement with Pete Davidson, Ariana sings: "Even almost got married, and for Pete, I'm so thankful".

However, the most emotional line goes to Mac Miller who recently passed away, leaving her in grieving.

She explains: "Wish I could say 'Thank you' to Malcolm, 'cause he was an angel".

Although the song mentions all of Ariana's ex-boyfriends, don't get it twisted – this is a song about empowerment and self-love!

She makes it clear that each relationship taught her something – love, patience, and pain to be exact.

But, the talented singer goes on to say, she's loved and lost but that doesn't matter, because most importantly through these she's learned to love and be patient with herself.

Towards the end of the song, Ariana confesses one day she will walk down the aisle, having grown from all the drama, and make sure the marriage lasts.

And, as women all around the world love to sing out loud, the song ends on a high: "I've got so much love, got so much patience

"I've learned from the pain, I turned out amazing".

Very fittingly, the first performance of the song was the legendary closing scene of the First Wives Club.

What movies are in the music video?

The music video was released on November 30, 2018, and was the perfect throwback to some of the most iconic romantic comedies in history.

Not only did she hire some of the exact same actors from those movies, but she nailed the characters' signature looks and storylines.

Ariana also made sure to drop some huge gossip about her ex-boyfriends.

Here are the movies she referenced in her unforgettable music video.

Mean Girls

Ariana transforms into our all-time favourite baddie, Regina George.

With her long blonde hair, gold initial necklace and burn book, you know from the get-go the videos set to be a trip.

The pages of the burn book reveal intimate thoughts of Ariana about each of her exes.

While Ricky's page says "great dancer" and "good times man", Pete's page says "sry I dipped", "I love u always" and "HUUUUGE".

For Big Sean, "So cute, so sweet (Could still get it)" shows a confident Ari.

And, of course, it wouldn't be Mean Girls without the iconic Christmas talent show performance, which the pop star completely slayed.

As for the cool mum, it was the famous momager Kris Jenner who even yelled: "Thank you next, b***h".

Bring It On

In this part, we see Ari as Torrance who's brushing her teeth alongside her love interest Cliff.

The famous cheerleading scenes see a whole bunch of celebrities shake their pompoms.

From Daniella Monet, Victoria Monet and Tyla Parks to the very pregnant YouTube icon Colleen Ballinger – they all come together to put on a performance.

13 Going on 30

As the lovable Jenna stuck in a 30-year-old's body and life, we see the singer sit next to the famous dollhouse.

She is an exact replica of the character in the movie played by Jennifer Garner with her hair, makeup, and outfit.

Impressed by Ariana's music video, Jennifer went on social media and posted: "Every now and then something comes along and just brightens your day. @ArianaGrande you're adorable. Thank you, pretty girl."

Legally Blonde

And of course, it wouldn't be a throwback to iconic romcoms if Legally Blonde didn't make an appearance.

As the beautiful and smart Elle Woods, we see the star drive her convertible with her dog Toulouse and get her nails done with the very actress that played Paulette in the movie, Jennifer Coolidge.

We see Ariana teach The Bend and Snap, run on the treadmill and enjoy a book on law.

Reese Witherspoon made sure to praise the artist by posting photos of Ariana and herself as Elle Woods side-by-side.

She also tweeted: "Can we please talk about @ArianaGrande's Bend and Snap?! 10/10 nailed it!".

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