What happened to Nikki Webster after My 600lb Life?
12th May 2023

My 600-lb Life: Nikki tries on jeans for first time in years

Nikki Webster was one of the most memorable stars to come out of My 600lb Life, as viewers followed her as she tried to overcome her food addiction during season four.

Fans quickly learned that her eating habits affected every area of her life and after time her lifestyle choices had a detrimental impact on her health, while watching her on the hit TLC series.

Nikki knew that if she didn’t change her ways should would eventually have to deal with some very serious consequences.

When viewers first met Nikki she weighed a whopping 650lbs, but the star was determined to make the changes she needed to in order to take her first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Fans were taken aback by Nikki’s determination to not give up on herself as she frequently reminded herself that she had two options, which were she could either keep making excuses to justify overeating, or she could put in the work.

Her large frame diminished her quality of life, making it difficult to move and take care of herself.

After a gruelling weight loss journey, Nikki stayed committed to changing her life for the better, which resulted in her shedding a total of 450lbs.

Since her appearance on TLC, the reality star currently weighs 200lbs.

Her excellent results are from her desire to improve her quality of life, while also trying to become more headstrong when it came to food.

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Since appearing on My 600lb Life, Nikki regularly updates fans on her ongoing weight loss journey via her social media.

The former show star has racked up a staggering 11,900 followers on her Instagram account, which truly reflects how invested TLC viewers are in her health and happiness journey.

Nikki’s life has improved in ways beyond weight loss, the star has married her partner Marc Gray, whom she believes is her perfect match.

The couple married in 2017 after they found companionship and encouragement in one another.

Nikki also has another companion by her side, and that comes in the form of a Shih Tzu called Laszlo.

It also appears the reality star has set up her own business on Etsy, called Freckle Flower Clay, where she sells her beautiful handmade jewellery pieces.

According to her Instagram, Nikki also finds joy in cooking, musical theatre and spending quality time with her friends and family.

Her weight loss has undoubtedly played a huge role in her current happiness, as she seems to be glowing in every selfie she posts.

Nikki has been one of the biggest success stories to come out of My 600lb Life, and it appears she is continuing to implement her positive lifestyle changes.

My 600lb Life airs on TLC in the US and UK.

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