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22nd July 2020

KANYE West tweeted that Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner tried to fly in doctors to his Wyoming ranch to put him in an involuntary hold, or “51/50” after his concerning behavior.

The rapper made allegations against his wife and mother-in-law, claiming that Kris Jenner is a "white supremacist."

Here is more about Kanye’s behavior and tweets.

What does 51/50 mean?

According to the official dictionary definition, 5150 is a slang term referring to the California law code for the temporary, involuntary psychiatric commitment of individuals who present a danger to themselves or others due to signs of mental illness.

It has been more generally applied to people who are considered threateningly unstable or “crazy.”

Kanye alluded that Kim and Kris were trying to get him on a hold with two doctors at his Wyoming ranch after displaying concerning behavior the past couple of days.

Why is it trending in relation to Kanye West?

It is trending due to the remarks Kanye has made about his mental health struggles in a recent presidential campaign rally he hosted in South Carolina.

Since then, Kanye has been trending for all the allegations he made toward his wife and family, claiming that Kim wanted to “abort their daughter” but convinced her otherwise.

He has also been known for being vocal about his Bipolar disorder and struggles he has faced.

In 2016, Kanye was admitted to Los Angeles’s Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for “exhaustion” and “sleep deprivation.”

It was later shared in an interview with David Letterman that he was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and was held at the psychiatric ward involuntarily.

“They have this moment where they put you, they handcuff you, they drug you, they put you on the bed, and they separate you from everyone you know,” he said.

Kanye was also candid about the issues he had with his diagnosis.

“You have this moment [where] you feel everyone wants to kill you. You pretty much don’t trust anyone,” he said.

“When you’re in this state, you’re hyper-paranoid about everything, everyone.

“This is my experience, other people have different experiences," he added.

"Everyone now is an actor. Everything’s a conspiracy. You feel the government is putting chips in your head. You feel you’re being recorded. You feel all these things,” he concluded.

What did the rapper say about North West?

At the campaign rally, Kanye mentioned that his mom “saved his life” and said that he and wife Kim thought about aborting their child, North.

“My dad wanted to abort me. My mom saved my life. There would have been no Kanye West without my mom," he said of mother Donda who passed away in 2007.

The Yeezy fashion mogul started crying hysterically as he recalled the couple debating whether to go through with Kim's first pregnancy.

He yelled to the crowd: “She had the pills in her hand."

"My girlfriend called me screaming, crying. I'm a rapper. And she said I'm pregnant. She was crying," he continued.

Kanye – who said he was working on his laptop in Paris at the time – added: "My screen went black and white.

"And God said, 'if you f*** with my vision, I’m going to f*** with yours.'

"And I called my girlfriend and said we're going to have this child.

"Even if my wife were to divorce me after this speech, she brought North into this world.”

What did he say about Meek Mill and Kim Kardashian?

Kanye mentioned that he had been wanting to divorce Kim for almost two years since she met with rapper Meek Mill to discuss criminal justice reform at the Waldorf Astoria hotel.

He tweeted: "I been trying to get divorced since Kim met with Meek at the Waldorf for 'prison reform'.

Kanye seemed to be referring to the time Kim and Nicki Minaj's rapper ex Meek Mill teamed up to speak at the inaugural Criminal Justice Reform Summit in Los Angeles in November 2018.

He added: "Meek is my man and was respectful. That’s my dog. Kim was out of line. I’m worth 5 billion dollars and more than that through Christ. But ya’ll ain’t listen to MJ and now ya’ll believe them???"

Last year, Meek Mill had an 11-year drug and gun conviction dramatically overturned after spending 11 years on parole, with the rapper an advocate for reform of the US criminal justice system.


What did Kanye say about Michael Jackson?

In a series of other tweets, Kanye claimed that Michael Jackson was murdered.

He wrote: "MJ told you about Tommy before they killed him Kim saved my daughters life in the name of Jesus It’s Gods choice only I will live for my children Kris I’m in Cody if your not planning another one of your children’s playboy shoots".

The star appeared to be referring to the singer's highly-publicised fallout with former Sony CEO Mottola, who Michael spoke out against before his 2009 death – calling him "devilish" and "racist".

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