What did JFK write in his love letters to Swedish mistress Gunilla von Post?
6th May 2021

JOHN F. KENNEDY was known as a father, beloved president and philanderer.

Almost 58 years after Kennedy was assassinated, his love letters to his Swedish mistress are up for auction.

Who was JFK's mistress?

Kennedy met Gunilla von Post just weeks before he wed the former first lady Jacqueline Bouvier.

Gunilla, a Swedish noble, met Kennedy during the summer of 1953 and the two continued a relationship over three years.

Kennedy tried to end his marriage with Bouvier during this time to bring Gunilla to the United States to be together but after Bouvier suffered a miscarriage in 1955 the plan never happened.

What did JFK write in his love letters to Swedish mistress Gunilla von Post?

The eight-page collection of notes between Kennedy and Gunilla were mostly written during 1955-1956 while Kennedy was serving as the U.S Senator of Massachusetts.

In the letters, Kennedy and Gunilla would exchange words of affection towards each other.

Kennedy wrote in one letter, "If you don't marry come over as I should like to see you. I had a wonderful time last summer with you. It is a bright memory of my life, I am anxious to see you. Is it not strange after all these months?

"Perhaps at first, it shall be a little difficult as we shall be strangers – but not strangers – and I am sure it will all work and I shall think that though it is a long way to Gunilla – it is worth it," he wrote.

In another letter, Kennedy wrote, "You are wonderful and I miss you."

Kennedy and Gunilla stopped seeing each other after 1958.

The letters are up to bid on until May 12, where they are estimated to sell for over $30,000.

Who assassinated JFK?

Five years after he ended his affair with Gunilla, Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, in Dallas Texas. He was 46.

During a motorcade, the former president was shot around 12:30pm and pronounced dead shortly after 1pm.

A few hours after the assassination, former U.S. Marine Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the murder ofKennedy. Two days after the arrest, Oswald was killed by police informant Jack Ruby.

Did JFK have children?

Kennedy and Bouvier had four children together Caroline, Patrick, John Jr., and Arabella.

After having a miscarriage in 1955, Bouvier gave birth to a stillborn baby girl in 1953 who they named Arabella, and in 1963, two days after Bouvier gave birth to Patrick, he passed away due to complication from birth.

Out of the four children, Caroline is the only surviving child after John Jr. died in a plane accident in 1999.

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