‘Watch your back’ Charlie Stayt issued warning by BBC co-star after Naga Munchetty jibe
25th June 2022

BBC Breakfast: Matt warns Charlie 'watch your back'

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On Saturday’s BBC Breakfast, Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt were back to present the latest news headlines. Matt Taylor also joined the duo to give the weekend’s weather reports. However, during the newspaper segment, Naga sparked an uproar with viewers after she made a comment about her childhood. As the host was chatting about a news story where a teenager found a coin up his nose from when he was four years old, the BBC presenter recalled the time she once stuck tissue paper up a friend’s nose.

“This story made me laugh,” Naga told her co-star before adding: “So this little boy is 14 years old. When he was about four, he popped a five pence piece up his nose and it stayed there.

“Children shove things up their noses all the time, don’t they?”

“I remember when I was younger…I remember getting loads of rolled-up pieces of paper and shoving it up someone’s nose until they got a nose bleed,” Naga laughed.

“It really tickled me remembering that,” the host joked before warning viewers: “Don’t do that!”

“You know we are broadcasting,” Charlie reminded Naga.

“I just found it really funny,” Naga added as she burst into laughter again.

The host proceeded to explain the little boy in Croydon found the five pence piece up his nose 10 years after he put it there.

He had complained of a pain in his nose to his mum, who suggested he blew it.

As the duo went to Matt for the latest weather forecast, the meteorologist was quick to issue a warning to Charlie following Naga’s admission.

“Matt doesn’t know what to think,” Naga said. “Seriously, everyone shoves things up their nose when they’re a little kid, don’t they?”

“I didn’t,” Matt replied. “I certainly didn’t shove something up somebody else’s nose. My word.”

Defending her statement, Naga said: “I just wanted to see how much I could get up there.”

“Watch your back, Charlie,” the meteorologist warned before carrying on with the weather report.

Naga’s remark also left viewers fuming, with many taking to social media to share their thoughts.

Chris raged: “So lasted about a minute with @BBCBreakfast because again naga talking s**t about sticking paper up kids noses I mean really and her sidekick is no better.”

Daz tweeted: “@BBCNews @BBCBreakfast @BBCOne Naga Munchetty laughing at bullying someone till they bled is not what we need or want to see on TV at 6am.”

While Sean S Atkinson added: “@BBCBreakfast Sorry BUT Naga is completely out of order laughing like a lunatic describing sticking something up a friend’s nose until it bled! Very irresponsible.”

“Oh Naga,” Chizzey tweeted as @Jenjenvi replied: “Cannot believe her comment on stuffing paper up someone’s nose.”

However, some viewers also saw the funny side, with Jamie Dobbin commenting: “I got a bit of lego plastic stuck up my nose when I was 6 years old, docs said it would come out itself, 2 years later I had a bad cold and sneezed then it came flying out.”

Richard Bond said: “@BBCBreakfast I have never laughed so much at 06.15 on a Saturday morning Naga and Charlie.”

As Danny Pinnar praised: “@TVNaga01 Morning Naga. You hooligan! Shoving paper up someone’s nose. I’m going to hell for laughing at this. Lol. I absolutely love watching you on TV. I hope you are well. Have a lovely weekend. See you Thursday. Best wishes.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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