Virgin River season 4: Jack to win custody after Todd escape plan as fans expose plot hole
28th September 2021

Virgin River: Netflix releases trailer for third season

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Jack Sheridan (played by Martin Henderson) found himself in the middle of a ton of drama in season three of Virgin River. While it’s still not yet known who shot him, he was forced to deal with his ex Charmain Roberts (Lauren Hammersley) being pregnant with his twins, while his current girlfriend Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) was desperate to start a family. However, a major plot hole could see him win custody of the twins in season four of the Netflix series.

A clued-up viewer took to Reddit to share their theory after spotting a missing detail from the previous instalment.

RenaLindsey posted: “They are in California, there’s no contesting custody if you can prove paternity (simple DNA done even before babies are born).”

They questioned: “Why is this show talking about a year’s worth of court fights and thousands of dollars spent?”

The user explained: “The law in California is very clear, if you are the father you have 50% custody (unless it can be proven you are a jerk) and you’re OBLIGATED to provide support.”

Charmaine’s pregnancy was a huge surprise for Jack, as he had just made amends with Mel and they were planning for the future.

Season four also saw the surprising introduction of her new husband Todd, who she met at a hair salon.

While fans were glad to see she had finally moved on, they couldn’t help but spot some chilling details about him.

The viewers’ scepticism was on point as Todd approached Jack and attempted to prevent him from seeing the unborn twins.

Todd’s real intentions were revealed as he threatened Jack to stay away from his family and started to be very manipulative and controlling to Charmaine.

Fans will remember, Jack had to take his ex’s dog after Todd convinced her to get rid of the animal because he wasn’t a pet person.

Charmaine had plans to move away from Virgin River with her new husband for a fresh start, however, Jack would not allow that.

Especially after she opened up to him about the abuse and confided in him about her controlling husband.

Season four could see Charmaine a lot closer to her due date, which may suggest Todd could become even more controlling.

He may even succeed in separating Jack from his children, but if the show followed the laws of the Californian State, he could immediately regain custody.

Jack may even tell Charmaine about Todd’s threats which could convince her to stay in Virgin River and break up with him.

Other fans suggested Todd could potentially be the one that shot Jack and left him for dead at his bar in season two, however, there’s nothing to suggest what the motives could be.

Despite all this drama, Jack has other stresses on his doorstep with his girlfriend Mel.

After they had a break, she decided to use the last round of IVF she had left with her deceased husband and got pregnant.

When she returned to Virgin River, Jack visited, professed his undying love for her and said he wanted children with her.

The jaw-dropping cliffhanger was Mel telling Jack she was pregnant with her dead husband’s baby.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see how Jack will handle the news of Mel being pregnant and what he will decide to do about Charmaine.

Virgin River seasons 1-3 are on Netflix now.

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